Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

The Financial services industry is facing several challenges, while some of these are more perceptible and fast-moving, others may be more fundamental and long-term. Financial institutions of all shapes and sizes are in a period of strategic transformation, and must necessarily attend to a wide range of issues simultaneously on their road to recovery from the crisis of the past five years.

  • To innovate and offer better products and services
  • Compliance with regulatory reforms like “Basel III” to improve risk management and governance
  • To control costs and remain competitive in the current economic environment that is operating under greater scrutiny, consolidating operations and increased volume and velocity
  • Incorporating mobile banking as a regular delivery channel developing a strategy around social media
  • Embedding risk management and governance culture in the day to day operations
  • Enterprise-level integration and management of data – interactive customization of products and services to meet customer demands

Infolob’s key offerings to the Financial Services sector

Infolob offers comprehensive technology solutions to the financial services organizations helping these organizations provide better services and enhanced customer experience. Our key offerings include:

  1. Infrastructure solutions both on premise and cloud to manage the IT architecture, systems, networks and assets
  2. Application and Product development services using the latest technology to gain a competitive edge and reduce the time to market the offering
  3. Quality strategy, testing security , performance and scalability testing for web based banking applications and complex in-house trading systems
  4. Applications outsourcing and maintenance
  5. Analytics and data warehousing solutions
  6. Governance , Risk & Compliance
  7. Managed services and IT services delivery
  8. Business Process Re-engineering services

Industry segments we serve

  1. Federal Agencies / Regulators
  2. Stock Exchanges
  3. Depositories and Clearing Houses
  4. All banking institutions
  5. Insurance companies
  6. Asset Management corporations