High Tech

High Tech

The companies in High Tech industry are working in a highly competitive environment while continuing to face challenges in the form of declining operating margins, high capital expenditures, and constant pressure to introduce newer products in a short span of time, while complying with various product governance and environmental regulation.High Tech companies must effectively address these challenges through innovations, cost reductions, reduced time to market and optimized supply chains functions to stay afloat during the tough economic times.

Key challenges for the High Tech industry are

  • Shorten the product development lifecycle.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Keep pace with changing market needs and technologies.
  • Meet compliance requirements.
  • Increasing globalization
  • Rapid product innovation
  • Increasing revenue and margin pressures

At Infolob we understandHigh Tech and the set of challenges that this industry brings. Our solutions are aimed at helping you

  1. Manage the complex multi-layered supply chain process
  2. Accelerate the product realization process by cutting down time to market
  3. Improve agility and respond to changing business and customer needs

At the core of tackling these challenges is embracing an information technology strategy that is a scalable, efficient and resilient to the changing market demands. Infolob helps to achieve these objectives by delivering profit-impacting innovative engineering solutions which enable the industry to contain costs, develop new products, improve operating efficiencies and decrease time-to-market.

Hitech industries we focus on

  1. Semi Conductor
  2. Consumer
  3. Computing
  4. Telecom
  5. Medical and
  6. Industrial Automation

Our Service Offerings to Hitech

  • PLM solutions to allow early capture of compliance regulations and reduce time to market
  • Quality Consulting services and compliance integration
  • Solutions to analyze and validate BOM to comply with legislations designed to control hazardous substances and reduce e-waste in the environment
  • Solutions to attain visibility into and manage customer demands
  • CRM solutions for sales force automation and opportunity management
  • SCM solution to improve cycle time , customer responsiveness and service levels
  • Solutions to reduce cost of procurement and vendor management through e sourcing , vendor portals and electronic exchange of information
  • Warehouse Management Services
  • Cloud solutions for Independent Software Vendors to provide the Platform and Infrastructure needed to develop agile and value adding software to the business at the same time avoiding prohibitive investments in infrastructure.