Infolob’s expertise in providing technology solutions to the Manufacturing industry enables us to foresee and comprehend the challenges that are changing the Manufacturing industry landscape. In the present day economic environment, the need for an efficient supply chain network to address the market challenges is driving manufacturing enterprises to adopt high performance manufacturing solutions. The challenges facing the Manufacturing industry are primarily:

  1. Globalization of supply chains has opened up companies to fierce competition.
  2. The erosion of investment in R&D has had the most direct effect on the time-to-market.
  3. Revenue growth has slowed as manufacturers compete for a shrinking market share.
  4. Profits for domestic manufacturers have diminished from as they are forced to keep the product prices in line with low-priced imports.
  5. Locating, training and retaining, skilled employees in a manufacturing sector has proven difficult
  6. Surges in energy costs have had a massive impact on the industry. The high cost of oil has had an impact on transportation costs
  7. Customers are demanding an unprecedented levels of service , information and speed of delivery.

Experience the Infolob difference

At Infolob, we leverage our extensive industry experience and in depth domain knowledge to deliver manufacturing industry solutions customized to achieve your business goals. Our teams are adept at implementing newer technologies and software packages that have emerged in recent years to help manufacturers improve their business performance. Our comprehensive solutions to the manufacturing sector include:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) We deal in a wide range of off the shelf ERP software that connects departments throughout the organization to provide a comprehensive and centralized view of the manufacturing operation, showing each departments position to facilitate resource allocation and the planning of production schedules.
  • Supply chain management We specialize in providing software tools that help you manage
    • The flow of materials and products from supplier to manufacturer
    • The internal processes and
    • The flow of products freely between manufacturer and their customers.
  • Computerized maintenance management (MRO) to monitor plant and equipment assets and identify maintenance requirements and collect information for accounting purposes.
  • Product data management electronic systems that can help reduce the time and costs of getting a product to market.Manufacturing execution systems software tools designed to improve factory management by analyzing factors like downtime and waste.

Industries we focus on

  1. Automotive
  2. Industrial Products
  3. Process Manufacturing
  4. Aerospace & Defence