Infolob Solutions sees the telecommunications industry as mammoth perplexing industry, comprising companies that make hardware, produce software, and provide services. Hardware includes a vast range of products that enable communications across the entire planet, from video broadcasting satellites to telephone handsets to fiber-optic transmission cables & mobility for cellular. Services include running the switches that control the phone system, providing Internet access, and configuring private networks by which international corporations conduct business.

Infolob assists clients today by helping them understand those challenges that they face with the data explosion within the Telecommunications industry. With the Internet increasing and the LTE upgrades, customers are having to manage more data than they can handle. This is why software and databases are being built to support services networks to keep up with the dynamic pace as software and not hardware. At Infolob, we help you to define a balanced approach to achieve your company goal.

Infolob’s key offerings to the Telecommunications Industry

Infolob offers comprehensive technology solutions to the Telecommunication clients to help them better provide services and enhanced customer experience. Our key offerings include:

  1. Infrastructure solutions both on premise and cloud to manage the IT architecture, systems, networks and assets.
  2. Mobility Applications development of tools and services using the latest technology to gain a competitive edge and reduce the time to market the offering.
  3. Quality strategy, testing security, performance and scalability testing for web based applications and complex data centers that operates a software defined service.
  4. Applications outsourcing and maintenance.
  5. Analytics and data warehousing solutions.
  6. DevOps, Linux OS and Hypervisor.
  7. Process, Change Management, Agile
  8. Managed services and IT services delivery.
  9. Business Process Re-engineering services.