School districts across the nation are becoming challenged by an increasing need to improve operational efficiency and integration. Taking the next step into the cloud has helped some of these districts cut down on long manual or paper-based processes, improve accountability, and much, much more. Oracle’s full suite of solutions for HCM, ERP, and EPM integration has made this possible for countless districts, and were ready to do the same for yours!

What do you gain from using Infolob’s support?

Case study: K-12 district in Pennsylvania

AIU now has a unified HCM, finance, and procurement solution, which is a single source of truth with workflow-based approvals for clear accountability. Business functions across internal and external systems are seamlessly integrated. All finance and procurement processes are automated. There is significantly reduced effort and improved efficiency due to eliminated manual/paper-based steps in the business processes. The decision-making is now data-driven, leveraging the out-of-the-box OTBI reporting available from the Oracle Cloud solution.

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