Vaman Kumar

Director, Demand Generation

Director, Marketing and Demand Generation

Vaman is a resourceful Marketing, Demand Generation, and Branding executive with experience in high-growth public & private technology companies. His remarkable people skills and research ability, coupled with a decade of understanding enterprise IT requirements, makes him a lead generation ninja for INFOLOB. With a masters degree in marketing, Mr. Kumar is our inbound campaign secret sauce as he is apt at planning, organizing, and leading sales and marketing efforts to achieve sales goals.

Vaman enjoys analyzing data, learning new technologies, developing and building teams, leading agency relationships and collaborating with sales & product teams to build robust pipeline and achieve growth. He is driven, self-starter, and comfortable working in a rapidly changing environment with limited resources.

Mr. Kumar played cricket at the national level during the late 2000s, which probably is where his team management skills come from.