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Protecting Your Vital Information

Application Security

Oracle E-Business Suite requires significant effort to make it secure and compliant.  Oracle EBS is comprised of multiple access points, customizations, default configuration settings and advanced systems topology options, which make it difficult to manage and maintain.  Infolob can improve your security stance with your Oracle EBS environment.  Our offerings include, but not limited to:

  1. Enable TLS from Browser to Web Server
  2. Deploy Single Sign On with Multi Factor Authentication
  3. Secure connection pools to the database
  4. Enable Auditing and Logging options, along with integration to SIEM tools.
  5. Custom Concurrent Program hardening
  6. Custom Interface hardening
  7. Enable standard Oracle EBS security features like:  Allowed JSP’s, Cookie Domain Scoping, Allowed Re-Directs and non-reversible hash passwords
  8. Removal of unused seeded accounts and password rotations
  9. Apply latest Oracle CPU Security patches
  10. DMZ architecture and design
  11. Reverse Proxy architecture
  12. Client JRE plug-in hardening