Cyber Security

With the proliferation of data breaches and sophisticated security attacks, Information Security has become an incredibly complex effort.  This is especially true when trying to reduce the attack surface of enterprise software.  Infolob recognizes that it is imperative for companies to improve their security posture around highly sensitive systems like Oracle EBS and Oracle Databases.  Infolob’s security program goes beyond your software vendor’s “best-practice approach” and addresses both internet facing systems and insider threats.  Effective IT security must involve security for your network, data, endpoints and web application.  With the uptick of customers that have moved their on-premise systems to the cloud, or are in the process of migrating, securing all layers of the technical stack becomes more essential than ever. 

Building a successful security program today requires extremely talented professionals who can develop a cyber security strategy that specifically addresses your enterprise software.  The right consulting partner should have a balance of in-depth Oracle expertise and experience, in conjunction with modern security hardening and remediation techniques. Our talented team has helped secure some of the top technology companies in the world.  Allow Infolob to help your organization build and run a successful cyber security program and help mitigate your risks.