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End-To-End Implementation Engineered Systems Customers

Infolob’s extensive experience with Oracle’s Engineered Systems (Exadata / PCA / ODA / Exalytics) enables us to help clients evaluate their current environments and then size the appropriate Oracle Engineered System to fit their needs.  The process we use is straight forward, but required significant investment and research on our part to simplify and streamline the path to Oracle Engineered systems.  In short, our process looks like this:

Evaluate Client’s environment

  • Using our proprietary tool set and extensive experience with the Oracle Technology Stack, we gather performance and operational statistics from the Legacy environment

Translate Output from Client Environment Evaluation to Oracle Engineered Systems

  • By leveraging our experience with hundreds of customers, we apply both Science as well as Art in the process of sizing Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Not every workload is right for Oracle Database Appliance and the same is true for Exadata
  • Once the environment is chosen, Infolob sizes the new environment based on Client needs

Procurement Assistance

  • As an Oracle Reseller, Infolob will produce quotes for purchase of any Oracle Engineered System
  • Becase we are an Oracle Partner, our procurement process is much less complex than Oracle’s
  • Oracle often calls on Infolob to resell products because we are easier to transact with


  • Infolob is certified to configure most of Oracle’s Engineered Systems
  • We work closely with the Client to ensure proper configuration and we don’t leave until its right
  • We own an Exadata X5-2 Quarter Rack so we know how the machines should be set up to take advantage of all features

Formulate the plan to migrate from the Legacy environment to Oracle Engineered Systems

  • Infolob has performed hundreds of migrations to Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Our experience in Fortune 1000 companies has given us the experience and credibility necessary to plan for these critical business processes

Execute the migration to Oracle Engineered Systems in the most efficient manner

  • Infolob ensures the correct configurations of hardware and software are in place prior to migration
  • This ensures that the Client realizes the full benefit of systems like Exadata

Training and Education

  • Infolob has built a training curriculum for Exadata titled “Exadata Performance Management”
    • This two-day course takes students through all of the Exadata’s features using hands-on labs and examples

Support the Client following the migration to Oracle Engineered Systems

  • Our Remote DBA Services provide 24x7 access to a seasoned, Oracle resource for as little as 20 hours per month up to Full Time Equivalents (FTE)
  • This remote service can be used for any activity related to Oracle’s products.
  • Our flexible plan lets clients adjust the resource load based on their needs