Resilient and Reliable Application/Infrastructure Services
to Support Your 24/7 Operations

Managed Services

IT Industry is facing drastic changes in the Digital and IT transformationwith companies adopting to newer technologies and automation. Managed servicesincreasinglybecoming relevant with applications moving to cloud infrastructure and co-exist in a Hybrid IT environment.

At Infolob, we can provide a solution that will reduce the cost and complexity of your IT organization and we let your organization to focus on core business while we manage your complete infrastructure, database and applications either on-premise or hosted in a cloud environment.

Our ITIL-based Managed Services methodology is proven to deliver quality support for complex IT environments, SLA based and measured primarily in terms of utilization by lowering efforts needed to support tickets while increasing productivity or allow time to support project work or enhancements.

Our flexible, proactive, predictable and global delivery covering follow-the sun model provides complete managed servicescovers beyond just managing the systems.


Infolob’s Managed Services Framework

Infolob’s On-Dot ™ Managed Services Framework, an integrated, Value-Centric and process-driven approachto Managed Services delivers high availability, reduces business risks associated with down times, minimizesinvestment in infrastructure, improves performance and bring about a sustainable reduction in operational costs.


Benefits of Managed Services

Managed services let customers experience predictable and consistent service at a fixed cost. Managedservice contracts help companies transition from administering IT infrastructure to managing the servicelevel agreements with the service providers. Once you let us manage your operations and networks, yourresources are freed up to focus on innovation and other strategic opportunities.

Infolob’s Managed Services solutions are a healthy proposition for customers seeking to:

  1. Reduce total cost of ownership
  2. Achieve predictable costs through our SLA-driven Fixed Price Models
  3. Experience high availability and quality of existing services
  4. Derive superior service from our outcome based pricing model
  5. Leverage our holistic disaster recovery and backup solutions to reduce the risk of service disruption
  6. Gain access to the latest and greatest tool sets at a reduced cost
  7. Centrally manage the knowledge gained from support activity