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Mobility for Businesses that Move

We are Software Engineers who love the Cloud.

We fundamentally understand how applications are built, and what it takes to run and operate them successfully on the cloud.

Infolob has been at the forefront of creating award-winning, innovative and inspirational mobile apps, based on user-centered design principles.We build highly scalable, native and cross-platform mobile apps for accelerated business growth, and we do so within a simple, elegant, user-driven experience.  

The Magic of Mobility

A Mobile App Must Be Usable.

Whether it’s for your Employees, or your Customers, even apps with the right functionality for your User will fail.

We’ve seen it time and again from Mobile Apps we’re brought in to fix - the right Customer Journey, without the right Customer Experience. Without a laser focus on User Experience, we’ve seen companies waste millions of dollars building, launching and marketing Mobile Apps that don’t succeed.

With Infolob’s custom Design process, we start at the very beginning, infusing our UX expertise into your Product’s definition and iteratively testing and validating the Design Usability throughout an Agile Development Process.

At Infolob, we’ve delivered hundreds of award-winning Enterprise and Consumer applications. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Mobility for Businesses that Move

Is a Solid User Experience Enough?

In the Enterprise, Mobility & Mobile Business Process solutions are complex, integrating with both legacy and new assets.
Hiring a great Mobile App Design Consultant is not enough.

We provide mobile consulting services and enterprise mobility strategy consultation using our deep knowledge and experience with popular mobile operating systems, mobile devices, and mobile workflows. Our background with backend enterprise databases, IT service and IT asset management applications, and legacy systems adds a critical depth to our capabilities. We work hands on with your organization help you develop and implement custom mobility solutions that extend a variety of backend enterprise applications, databases, and business processes to your mobile workforce.

Mobility for Customers on the Go

The Instant Gratification Generation

Your Customers are on the go, and they expect your business to keep up with them. Lightening fast mobile apps, with sleek, edgy designs are par – to keep their attention, they want to be blown away.

Consumer App Development, whether for web or mobile, is growing ever more demanding. Users expect polished user interfaces on every screen size, instant response times, an intuitive user experience and frequent, feature-rich releases. World-class apps must take advantage of the latest and greatest in application architectures, frameworks and languages.

We leverage four things to deliver Award-Winning Consumer Mobile Apps:

  • Core expertise in architecting, coding and delivering reliable, cloud based, high volume/high transaction, consumer mobile applications.
  • Our position as a Design Community Leader, staying constantly connected to, researching, implementing, and even creating some of the latest in ever-evolving User Experience methods.
  • Extensive Usability Testing throughout the Agile Design/Development Process to provide actionable user insights to ensure the right Customer Journey.
  • Our Big Data/Advanced Analytics expertise, going above and beyond just providing you with valuable app interaction metrics, and working with you to build analytics capabilities that will hone key Customer insights and predictions required to edge out your competitors.

Infolob Mobility Consulting Services

  • Custom mobility assessments
  • Custom mobility solution architecting
  • Mobile application design and optimization
  • Mobile process refinement
  • Guidance on the best mobile devices and BYOD best practices for your organization
  • Advice on best mobile technologies for your Consumer or Enterprise application, including AR/VR, radio frequency identification (RFID), near field communications (NFC), GPS/Geo Location Services, bar code scanning, maps, notifications, voice input, and offline and disconnected usage.