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MuleSoft – Changing How the World Connects

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MuleSoft Makes It Possible.

MuleSoft is a software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides integration software for connecting applications, data sources and APIs, in the cloud or on-premises. Started in 2006, the company’s Anypoint Platform of integration products are designed to tie together software as a service (SaaS) and on-premises software.

What is the MuleSoft ESB?

“An ESB for the Modern Enterprise.”

The Mule ESB is the world’s most widely used integration platform for connecting applications with 3,500 companies in production including 35% of the Global 500. It is a lightweight Java-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and integration platform that allows developers to connect applications together quickly and easily, enabling them to exchange data.

MuleSoft’s ESB enables easy integration of existing systems regardless of the different technologies that the applications use. With Anypoint Studio &Anypoint Connector DevKit, programmers can be productive in minutes, easily creating integration flows and mapping data all from a single graphical design environment. Mule ESB leverages mainstream Java development tools like Eclipse, Maven, Spring and Ant.

Why MuleSoft ESB?

Future Proof Your Enterprise.

The key advantage of an ESB is that it acts as a transit system for carrying data between applications, allowing different applications to quickly communicate within your enterprise or across the Internet. With an ESB, your enterprise grade integrations can run anywhere – on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments at the push of a button.

Mule ESB includes powerful capabilities that include:

  • Service Creation and Hosting — expose and host reusable services, using Mule ESB as a lightweight service container
  • Service Mediation — shield services from message formats and protocols, separate business logic from messaging, and enable location-independent service calls
  • Message Routing — route, filter, aggregate, and re-sequence messages based on content and rules
  • Data Transformation — exchange data across varying formats and transport protocols

With more than 150,000+ developers using and contributing to its ongoing development, Mule ESB enables powerful integration solutions.

With Anypoint Studio &Anypoint Connector DevKit, programmers can be productive in minutes, easily creating integration flows and mapping data, all from a single graphical design environment.

MuleSoft Integration Solutions

Connect Anything, Change Everything.

Ready-Made Connectors or Tailored Solutions for Your Software Integration Projects.

To keep up with technology growth, company systems must be adaptive and easily transferable. Software integration frees you from repetitive data entries, slow synchronization and duplicated efforts across your fast-changing environment. With software integration you can:

  • access data stored in different servers from one place
  • connect several applications and services
  • offer flexible B2B solutions for clients
  • be IT platform independent

Whether utilizing out-of-the-box connectors, or building custom solutions, Infolob has deep expertise in integration with Mule ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), specializing in Databases, CRM &Enterprise Systems and Big Data.We’ll deliver a best fit integration solution that is lean, efficient, and fully personalized.

  • API Integration
  • Mobile Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Microsoft .Net Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • ESB Solutions

There are more than 120 ready-made connectors and we are continually developing new solutions with Mulesoft.  We’ll support you all the way from set up to maintenance and upgrade. Learn more about MuleSoft Integration Solutions click here.