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Infolob Solutions Inc. is the Database Specialists leader in Database Life Cycle Management Solutions.Our SMEs are diversely populated across industries such as Telecom, Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Public Sector. What differentiate Infolob from the competition are our innovations forlifecycle management of the databases and how we apply it today in business requests for Oracle NoSQLDatabase Installations, Online Backups, Migrations, single-master,multi-replica database replication, and Failover Support, Shardingand Performance Tuning. With over 150 plus Database specialists, Specialized and Certified Expertise inOracle NoSQLDatabase Management, Infolob expert DBA specialists are available 24/7 to assist you. Our SpecializedOracle NoSQLDatabase Services Include.

End-To-End Oracle NoSQLDatabase Implementation

Infolob’s extensive experience with Oracle NoSQLDocument Oriented Databases enables us to help clients evaluate their current environments and then understand the requirement to its core, then plan and design flawless Oracle NoSQLdatabase configurations tailored to their need. The processes we use are straight forward, but requireminimal investment and research on our part to simplify and streamline the path to deploy Oracle NoSQLDatabase systems. In short, our process looks like this:

Evaluate Client’s environment

  • Using our proprietary tool set and extensive experience with the Oracle NoSQL Databases, we gather performance and operational statistics from the Legacy environment

Translate Output from Client Environment Evaluation to Oracle NoSQLDatabase Systems

  • By utilizing our experience with hundreds of customers, we apply both Science as well as Art in the process of implementing Oracle NoSQLdatabase Systems
  • Not every Requirement fits straight into General RDBMS and the exponential growth of documents, Key-Value paired data across the planet as our world progress towards paperless green strategy, we quickly adapted to No-SQL databases and we are very passionate about providing solutionsin No-SQL terrain.
  • Infolob deploys the new environment based on Client needs.


  • Infolob is certified, extensively experienced, well groomed to handle managed services part of Oracle No-SQL Databases.
  • We work closely with the Client to ensure proper configuration and we don’t leave until its right, we basically listen very carefully to client when they have something and everything to say throughout the process.
  • Being a very pro-active technical player in Oracle NoSQL DBs and very rich experience from our in house Oracle NoSQLDBAS across multiple business verticals, we do deep dive analysis for giving excellent solutions for database related work.

Formulate the plan to migrate from the Legacy environment to Oracle NoSQLDatabase Systems

  • Infolob has performed hundreds of migrations to Oracle NoSQLDatabases.
  • Our experience in Fortune 1000 companies has given us the experience and credibility necessary to plan for these critical business processes

Execute the migration to Oracle NoSQLDatabase Systems in the most efficient manner

  • Infolob ensures the correct configurations of hardware and software are in place prior to migration
  • This ensures that the Client realizes the full benefit of Oracle NoSQLDatabases and Top database Features

Training and Education

  • Infolob has built a strong training curriculum for Oracle NoSQLDatabase Management”
  • We provide excellent training for our clients who are seeking exposure towards Oracle NoSQLsystems and at same time we always keep learning to stay ahead in game and serve our clients with best technical knowledge.
  • We collaborate with Oracle University and partner training educational programs to provide training to our peers.

Support the Client following the migration to Oracle NoSQLDatabase Systems

  • Our Remote DBA Services provide 24x7 access to a seasoned, Oracle NoSQLresource for as little as 20 hours per month up to Full Time Equivalents (FTE)
  • This remote service can be used for any activity related to Oracle NoSQL No-SQL’s products.
  • Our flexible plan lets clients adjust the resource load based on their needs

Oracle NoSQLDatabase Performance Assessments

Infolob works with existing Oracle NoSQLDatabase clients/shops on a constant basis. We often find that our Clients are so focused on running the business that they lack the time to fully exploit the power of Oracle NoSQLSQL’s hardware/software platforms. Because we arerapidly growing into Oracle No-SQL databases for the past eight years, we understand the platforms better. With this knowledge capital, we can help our Clients improve their existing systems without affecting the business. To achieve this, we use the following process:

  • Engage with the Client to deliver an Oracle NoSQLPerformance Review
  • Assist the Client in implementation of improvements using the Oracle NoSQLPerformance Review output
  • Implement Oracle NoSQL No-SQL (Document Oriented) db Installations, Backup and Recovery, Unleashing power of JSON Query and Schema based and schema evolutionArchitecture, Auto Sharding and Replica Set Configurations, Replication and MAP Reduce for complex aggregations, Query Profiling, Data Encryption at Rest,Full text search,Time-To-Live, SQL Query,Predicate Pushdown.
  • Acid Compliant Transaction and Oracle NoSQLDatabase Driver for transparent load balancing.
  • Online Elastic configurationfordynamic online expansion of the deployed cluster capacity.
  • Extensive Experience with all Linux/Unix OS Flavors.
  • Support the client on a long term basis.

We believe every client that deploys Open Source Technologies desire for highly customizable product with intense flexibility to turn that product to serve their need. This is where Infolob comes handy as we not only just have huge talent pool in open source technologies that bring a lot to the table, but we as a company look always ways to customize our own solutions and that’s where we believe we can easily gel with clients and bring out an awesome outcome.