Thomas Libertelli

VP, Solution Engineering

Thomas Libertelli’s leadership credentials are founded on his phenomenal technical design and implementation delivery for enterprise network infrastructure over the last two decades. This includes contribution of his strategic vision and direction to innumerable Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, Alphabet (Google), Global Payments, Home Depot, Fidelity, Humana, and others. Equipping each one of them with a globally dispersed, multi-site, multi-cloud data center design and deployment, coupled with the cutting-edge CSP networks, IP traffic engineering for planet-wide WAN backbone, and network security design and integration – Thomas has been instrumental in the development of an entire generation of cloud networks.

Translating business needs into technical services and articulating their value to the primary stakeholders is one of Thomas’ celebrated proficiencies offering impetus to his long-term impact on the industry. Thomas has also been pioneering and delivering cloud infrastructure solutions for business’ public and private cloud environments since the early onset of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and the “Modern Cloud”. At INFOLOB, Thomas is leading the Public Cloud Technologies Division in North America, focusing on providing valued customers with innovative best practices solutions for their hybrid, multi-cloud environments.