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INFOLOB @ Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Our dedication to Oracle is second to none, bar none. This makes Oracle CloudWorld events the most awaited week of the year. INFOLOB @ Oracle CloudWorld 2022 was a huge success, but 2023 made us extra proud as our dedication was recognized on a global scale.

While we were rewarded with the opportunity to present two sessions on Oracle GoldenGate at the main conference – the event concluded with INFOLOB being honored with the finalists’ title for “Solution Innovation Partner – India Business Agility” and “Innovation Partner – Middle East, Africa, & Turkiye Technology.” Explore more about INFOLOB.

We also made a presentation at Smith & Wollensky with our partners at TrueNet Communications, a Fujitsu Company. Matt Woolley, Director of Sales and Operations Support, joined our CTO Tim Fox, to share thoughts on enterprise digital transformation journey and how critical applications like #OCI and #APEX are foundational to growth.

Here are our 7 key takeaways:

1. Oracle's API-enabled Generative AI Service is Fierce (ft. Cohere's LLMs)

Oracle unwrapped a groundbreaking API-led generative AI service, rolling out under a managed setup to enable businesses to frictionlessly integrate large language model (LLM) interfaces into applications via API. This next-gen API-driven service is ingeniously designed to empower enterprises looking to enhance Cohere’s LLMs using their proprietary data, thus generating heightened accuracy through the brilliant Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) process.

2. AI is Now Made More Frequent in Oracle Services

Given the need of the hour, Oracle has completely overhauled its AI-based services. As a result, some critical updates across various platforms are catching the attention of Oracle-enabled businesses. The services that are touched upon are OCI Data Science, Oracle Digital Assistant, OCI Speech, OCI Vision, OCI Language Document Translation, Language Healthcare NLP, and more — collectively registering a quantum leap in the general potential of AI-driven solutions.

3. AI Vector Search in Oracle Database 23c

Among the most anticipated upgrades, the Oracle Database 23c has now undergone a massive transformation with the meshing of AI Vector Search capabilities. This feature-laden upgrade incorporates the inception of a novel vector data type, indexes, and search SQL operators. Such enhancements are equipping the Oracle Database to proficiently keep the semantic content of diverse data types, including images and documents as vectors. Consequently, users can now harness the power of fast similarity queries to boost application utility.

4. Another Massive Round of Upgrades for MySQL HeatWave with Vector and G-AI

The leading, Oracle-owned data analytics cloud service, MySQL HeatWave, which is already writing history is now injected with more futuristic capabilities like vector store and generative AI. The vector store, currently under limited accessibility, eases the ingestion of documents in various formats, accommodating them as embeddings

generated by an encoder model, thereby accelerating query processing — atop the HeatWave-contributed acceleration. Additionally, the integration of generative AI competencies introduces a large language model-driven interface, allowing users to interact with the service effortlessly in natural language. The other changes include the revamping of AutoML, JavaScript compatibility, MySQL Autopilot elements, and mass ingestion.

5. Oracle SaaS, aka “Fusion Cloud” with AI Accessories

Another upgrade is delivered to Oracle’s Fusion Cloud suites, spanning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), Cloud Customer Experience (CX), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Each of these suites now sports the dexterity of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) generative AI service. The healthcare providers alone get the Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant — an OCI-powered generative AI to assist its utterly critical nature of services.

6. Fusion Cloud Suite For Healthcare-Specific Revolutions

Oracle has diligently tailored several applications within its Fusion Cloud suites to cater to the unique requirements of healthcare enterprises. These updates span multiple applications within ERP, SCM, HCM, EPM, etc., extending healthcare organizations an over-arching platform to upscale operations and raise the standards of health services.

7. Furthered Cause of Distributed Cloud

Just as last time at the Oracle CloudWorld 2022 — Oracle continues to feed its vision and portfolio of distributed cloud, with Oracle Database@Azure and MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse on AWS. The strategic move to colocate Oracle database hardware and software in Microsoft Azure data centers extends customers with direct access to Oracle database services via the fellow hyperscaler. Plus, we have the Oracle Alloy, a cloud infrastructure platform, that is now generally available, serving as a versatile solution for ISVs, integrators, service providers, and plenty of others seeking to deploy customized cloud services to their clientele.

Such outstanding developments unboxed at Oracle CloudWorld basically reflected the hyperscaler’s indomitable commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of enterprises across industries.

Y V Ravi Kumar

Oracle Certified Master

Oracle GoldenGate Microservices 23c with High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Sept. 20, 5:15 PM PDT

Y V Ravi Kumar

Oracle Certified Master

Using REST APIs for Automation in Oracle GoldenGate Microservices in HUB

Sept. 21, 9:00 AM PDT

Meet INFOLOB @ Smith & Wollensky

Besides the main event, we have made semi-formal arrangements @ Smith & Wollensky to personally engage our present and potential customers. Here, our top executives, along with one from TrueNet Communications, are available from noon to 5pm on September 19 and 20 to showcase how we are solving Oracle tech and apps stack enablement and management concerns of enterprises such as yours.

Please choose one or more session(s) below and we will be in touch.

Tim Fox


Journey to Cloud for Exadata Users

Sept. 19, 2:00 PM PDT

Matt Woolley

Director of Ops & Sales @ TrueNet

Oracle Application Express (APEX) on OCI

Sept. 19, 4:00 PM PDT


Managing Director

Accelerating Digital Transformation with OCI

Sept. 20, 2:00 PM PDT

Patrick Mullins

VP, Cloud Solutions

Heeddata - A Cloud FinOps Platform

Sept. 20, 4:00 PM PDT

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