In the wake of the economic recession, the financial industry has undergone changes and continues to do so, some one which are perceptible and fast-moving, and others that are fundamental and long-term. The road to recovery is a long and difficult one, and Infolob offers critical support for financial institutions that have dealt with a wide range of issues stemming from crisis. 

The current main goals of the finance and banking industries are as follows:

  • Innovation and better product/service offerings
  • Compliance with regulatory reforms to improve risk management and governance 
  • Control of costs to remain competitive in an environment that operates under greater scrutiny than before as well as consolidate operations while increasing volume and velocity
  • Incorporation of mobile banking as a regular delivery channel
  • Implementation of risk and data management and governance culture into day-to-day operations
  • Enterprise-level integration and management of data, including interactive customization of products and services as per customer demands.  
Infolob’s comprehensive technological solutions for financial organizations help provide better services and enhanced customer experience. Our key offerings include:


Infolob offers IaaS solutions both on-prem and in the cloud in order for financial organizations to better manage their IT architecture, systems, networks, and assets.

Application and Product Development

Using the latest technology to gain a competitive edge, Infolob can assist with or independently develop applications and products for customers and reduce the time-to-market ratio. In addition to development, we provide outsourcing and maintenance for applications.


Strategy, security, performance, and scalability tests are available through Infolob as well. We can apply them to web-based banking applications as well as complex in-house trading systems.


Financial analytics are a crucial part of the industry, and Infolob can either implement analytics and data warehouse solutions or upgrade current ones.

Managed Services

Infolob provides managed services for all existing solutions, allowing organizations to stay up to date on current technologies and improve their operations while maintaining a competitive edge at an effective cost.