As one of the most complex and intricate industries in existence, healthcare continues to require dedicated IT professionals for a multitude of different tasks. Different government mandates, security requirements, replacement of outdated technology, and a constant need to improve IT infrastructure and digitize health records make IT professionals in the healthcare field important assets. Infolob has all the talent necessary to provide the support healthcare organizations need to implement new technologies and update or troubleshoot existing ones.

Infolob’s solutions allow healthcare professionals and executives focus on their own tasks while we take care of their IT needs. We are focused on helping organizations achieve operational excellence by providing exceptional service, effective implementation of critical programs, and acceleration of the use of highly impactful technology. Some of our healthcare industry solutions include the following:

HIE and EHR Solutions

Infolob can assist with implementation of electronic health record (EHR) systems and facilitate electronic health information exchange (HIE) by utilizing the necessary combination of technology included in content management, e-commerce, CRM, and portals. Effective implementation and management of EHR and HIE can help healthcare providers avoid readmission of patients, prevent errors with medications, improve patient diagnoses, and cut down on any duplicate testing that might be occurring.

Portal and Registry Solutions

Infolob can create or implement portals and registries as well as improve existing ones. Effective use provides access to electronic prescription and mobile solutions to improve usability and convenience for both the healthcare providers and the receivers.

Single Sign-on Solutions

Single sign-on (SSO) can improve usability of applications and is extremely convenient in time sensitive situations. Infolob can install single sign-on capabilities, and since SSO comes with the risk of reduced security, Infolob can also provide identity governance to mitigate the security issues.


Access to analytics is critical for the healthcare industry. Infolob can implement big data solutions so professionals can analyze patterns among patients and ineffective medical procedures. Analysis provides an enhanced perspective for professionals and leads to more effective treatment of patients.

Storage and Cloud Solutions

Infolob has experience with deploying virtualized storage on a storage area network (SAN) while rolling out thin provisioning, tiered storage, and data replication on top of it. Virtualized storage can cut down on costs and improve efficiency of systems by enabling single-console management. 

We also extend our cloud solutions to the healthcare industry to provide reliable, scalable, secure, and easily available technology solutions that need no additional infrastructure or personnel.