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Business Applications Confidently

INFOLOB’s enablement, operation, and management services for enterprise solutions are tailored to modern organization’s offensive and defensive needs. From ERP, SCM, and HCM to BI, CX, and RPA – our complete, certified, and cross-vendor suite of cloud-powered business apps consultancy services ensure measurable outcomes are achieved.

Engage INFOLOB's Enterprise Apps Experts

Oracle Cloud Applications – Implementation Through Optimization

Discover the power of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications – the complete suite of best-in-class business apps that can help you transform your organization. With next-generation cloud infrastructure designed for SaaS applications, you have access to everything you need to optimize your business processes, make faster and more informed decisions, and maintain a competitive edge. What’s more, our standards-based platform makes it easy to extend, personalize, and integrate your applications across your entire enterprise, regardless of your industry.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials

With Oracle Financials, that equals automating financial management processes and accomplishing a comprehensive view of your firm’s financial health, INFOLOB prepares you for augmented forecasting accuracy, streamlined decision-making, and never-before risk and compliance management. Fully leverage this powerful global financial platform for informed fiscal decision-making with INFOLOB on your side.

Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Manufacturing

INFOLOB empowers organizations to swiftly adapt to shifts in demand, supply, and market conditions by deploying Oracle SCM & Manufacturing configured to your requirements. With the most effortless integration of your supply chain, you can establish a robust network and a streamlined process that is designed to outmaneuver change.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

We provide your organization with the flexibility and intelligence required to excel in any market environment. With Oracle EPM, you can seamlessly model and plan across finance, supply chain, HR, and sales, attune the financial close process, and make informed decisions that shepherd profitability.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

In order to lead in the future, organizations must possess a high degree of agility and adaptability in the present. Partner INFOLOB to get you a comprehensive, cutting-edge, and cloud-based ERP suite that equips your teams with sophisticated features, including AI-powered automation to eliminate manual tasks that hinder productivity, real-time analytics to respond rapidly to market fluctuations, and more. Explore.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM)

Imagine a holistic cloud solution that links every HR process and individual in your organization, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Featuring a unified user experience and data model, as well as smooth processes and infrastructure, INFOLOB clears the path for you to reimagine what success means for your workforce with Oracle HCM. Explore.

E-Business Suite Upgrade and Managed Services

INFOLOB offers a complete portfolio of subscription-based cloud management services covering all cloud environment aspects. This includes our expertise in implementing, operating, and managing E-Business Suite in the cloud that equips businesses to optimize their infrastructure, improve operational efficiencies, enhance security and compliance, reduce costs, and stay up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities. INFOLOB’s proven methodology minimizes disruption, speeds up time to value, and ensures the highest level of performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Maximize Hyperion ROI and Reduce Support Costs with INFOLOB

As Hyperion systems become increasingly stable and reliable, many organizations are seeking to extend the life of their current release and reduce costs by switching to independent support from INFOLOB. By offering third-party support for Oracle Hyperion across the entire product suite, we provide higher-value, single-provider support with proven expertise and ultra-responsive service. Clients can benefit from a personalized, integrated service offering that includes a single point of contact for all Hyperion enterprise software support and maintenance needs. Get rid of lackluster service levels and forced vendor upgrades, and experience greater control over your support costs with us.

Siebel CRM Apps, Integration, and Upgrades

Our team of Siebel experts assist you to modernize your campaign lead and management application with a complete range of services that includes seamless upgrades, open UI transformation, and CX cloud integration. By taking advantage of our expertise, you can stay ahead of the game and ensure your application is performing at its best in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Let us help you untether the full scale of prospects for your Siebel suite and accomplish your business objects with greater ease and efficiency.

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Implement and Maximize JD Edwards with INFOLOB

We provide comprehensive JD Edwards services that cover the entire spectrum of application management and support. Our team of experts boasts an average of over 20 years of experience working with both JD Edwards solutions: World and EnterpriseOne. We offer end-to-end solutions ranging from implementation, maintenance, and upgrades to cloud migration and beyond.

Our goal is to alleviate the burden of ongoing application management from your team, enabling them to focus on strategic business initiatives that leverage the full potential of JD Edwards. When you partner with us, you can expect simplified application management, superior service levels, substantial cost savings, and around-the-clock support all year round.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service

Elevate Your Service Standards with Strategic Guidance for a Flourishing JD Edwards Deployment.

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Utilize the Latest JD Edwards Features and Functionality to Streamline Operations and Boost Performance.

Rationalized TCO

Rationalized TCO

Cut Down Your JD Edwards Total Cost of Ownership by Half.

Unparalleled Expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

Collaborate with an Oracle Principal Partner Boasting Extensive Expertise in Supporting JD Edwards Applications.

INFOLOB's also offers consulting services for several other prominent enterprise apps including Workday, SAP, AWS EMR, AWS Redshift, Azure Databricks and Data Lake, Demantra, OBIEE, MS Power BI, Cloudera, Tableau, and Qlik.


Transform Your Workday Investment for Optimal ROI

As an esteemed Workday partner program member for over ten years, INFOLOB manifests an unparalleled level of proficiency in deploying, optimizing, providing post-production support, and application management support for Workday across diverse industries and business sizes.

Our deep technical expertise coupled with our extensive knowledge of HR best practices and financials guarantees faster deployments, superior ROI, and continual process improvement for our clients. At INFOLOB, we assist clients in deploying Workday solutions, acquainting themselves with its optimal utilization, and driving business growth by setting up their Workday instance in a strategic manner.

Besides, we make it a priority to fully comprehend your business, people strategy, and motives for selecting Workday. They approach their work holistically to develop a technology roadmap and instance that out-and-out supports your objectives. Our services include:

Attuning your platform for people management

We ensure that your Workday Human Capital Management is aligned with your business processes and needs, while integrating it into your strategy for people management.

Tidy up financial data to gain ROI

Our holistic understanding of Workday, combined with a clearly defined implementation plan, guarantees data accuracy and adoption to transform your enterprise finances.

Harnessing every bit of the platform

We leverage the transparent and seamless collaboration between HR and finance enabled by the full Workday platform. We integrate people and financial data to provide a holistic view of your ERP data.

Overseeing apps and embedding latest capabilities

We construct a resilient deployment that can easily and effectively capitalize on Workday's continuous innovations at the speed of the



Smoothly Transition to SAP Portfolio with Effective Commercial Models

INFOLOB is a globally renowned tech enabler specializing in SAP consulting, providing exceptional proficiency in SAP software solutions. Our expansive range of SAP consulting services caters to various industries worldwide. We take pride in delivering unparalleled SAP software solutions that guarantee seamless business operations, improved profitability, and maximum returns on your investments. Our team of seasoned SAP professionals is committed to a client-centric approach that emphasizes transparency, offering complete services across implementation, integration, and managed services for an extensive range of SAP products.

SAP S/4HANA is a modern business suite that enables seamless operations and real-time decision-making. We offer end-to-end services for deploying SAP S/4HANA on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Our experts provide strategic advisory to guide you in selecting the optimal S/4HANA migration path for your business.

SAP AMS service provides a full spectrum of industry-leading services to maintain, enhance, and manage enterprise SAP environments. INFOLOB’s flexible framework enables you to choose services or skill sets on demand, simplifying application maintenance, optimizing costs, and seamlessly integrating your IT infrastructure.

Our SAP experts can help you select the optimal functional components for your business and deploy a rapid, cost-effective SAP ECC solution, an on-premises ERP system that integrates digital information from multiple business units in real-time.

We offer expertise in SAP C/4HANA, SAP Hybris, and SAP CRM, which are solutions that make up the SAP Customer Experience suite. With our help, you can gain insights into your customers and provide exceptional experiences at every touchpoint, from the initial contact to the purchase, and beyond.

Our SAP experts can help you optimize your workforce and talent management with the SAP HCM suite. This solution supports a range of HR processes and empowers employees with exceptional experiences. With our guidance, you can build a future-intelligent organization that’s agile and productive.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers an overarching solution for enterprise planning, business intelligence, and predictive analytics in a single platform. INFOLOB’S cloud and SAP Analytics expertise can help you leverage real-time data to make confident decisions and enhance your organization’s business operations. Let us help you realize a cloud-first vision with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Maximize Business Value with AWS EMR in a Data-Driven Culture

AWS EMR is a cloud-based platform deployed into simplifying the phenomenon of creating and administering fully customized, scalable clusters of EC2 instances that run Hadoop and other related applications. With AWS EMR, you can quickly create multiple clusters in just a matter of minutes, allowing you to analyze large sets of data, including business-critical data, clickstreams, and logs, with ease.

Plus, AWS EMR enables your data science teams to spin up clusters according to their specific needs, enabling them to innovate and born revenue-led value.

Why Choose INFOLOB for AWS EMR Implementation & Support?

Streamlined Value Chain:

With INFOLOB, you can truly simplify your big data operations and focus on your core business. With impeccable AWS EMR deployment and support, all you can worry about is determining the number of nodes you need for your cluster, choosing your preferred Hadoop distribution, and selecting the pre-installed application you require. Meanwhile, EMR will handle the infrastructure supplies.

Rationalized Expenses:

INFOLOB enables you to exploit EMR’s on-demand service to run your clusters and only pay for the resources you use. EC2 Spot instances can help you trim costs even further. Now easily identify and terminate idle instances to avoid paying for unused resources with us.

Industry-leading Availability:

We deploy your clusters in multiple Availability Zones within any AWS region to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster while allowing you to effortlessly spin up identical clusters in another region to maintain uninterrupted operations.

Decrypted flexibility and scale:

Form clusters of any size and capacity within minutes, experiment with different instance types to find the best match for your workloads. EMR Managed Scaling enabled by INFOLOB will clear the path for you to dynamically scale your clusters up or down to meet your business needs of the hour.

Painless AWS Services Integration:

INFOLOB seamlessly integrates EMR with other AWS services, including S3, Kinesis, Redshift, and DynamoDB, empowering you to easily move and analyze data across different AWS services.

Fence Big Data Against Threats:

AWS offers a range of built-in security features to protect your data, including data encryption at rest and in transit, IAM for access control, and EC2 security groups for managing inbound and outbound traffic to your cluster nodes. INFOLOB makes sure that these features are correctly configured without loopholes. The templates can be preserved for future use.

Bid on INFOLOB’ 3-Step Assistance to A Robust AWS Redshift Data Model Inspired by AWS Best Practices


Benefit from our deep AWS knowledge and expertise in building your data warehouse:

  • Conduct Redshift Proof-of-Concept (POC)
  • Perform Redshift Data Modeling
  • Manage Redshift Administration
  • Implement AWS Ecosystem


INFOLOB helps you utilize AWS tools to their fullest potential for data input and output to Redshift, ensuring scalability:

  • Integrate Your Data
  • Migrate Your Data


We help you improve your Redshift performance while reducing TCO with our fast and standardized approach:

  • Analyze & Configure Your Redshift Performance Per Needs

Demantra Consulting Services by Award-Winning Oracle Partner

INFOLOB is the global leader in providing third-party support for Oracle Demantra, delivering a comprehensive and personalized service to demand and supply chain management enterprises. Our cost-effective and flexible third-party support replaces Oracle’s annual support and helps customers save up to 60% on support fees while receiving more responsive services through our dedicated support team. With INFOLOB, customers can remain on their current on-premise software release indefinitely and have a trusted partner to navigate the journey from on-premise to hybrid to cloud, ensuring smooth and secure application management while staying in compliance.

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Your Data Set to Max with Azure Databricks & INFOLOB

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, where a staggering 80 zettabytes of data was generated in 2021, it is imperative for businesses to harness the full potential of cloud-based data platforms and analytics services. INFOLOB, a leading expert in Azure data services, offers state-of-the-art solutions for modernizing outdated tech stacks through end-to-end data services, leveraging Azure Machine Learning, big data and analytics, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, and other cutting-edge tools. Here is more on why you should choose INFOLOB for Azure Databricks:

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Integrate an Azure Data Lake into a Microsoft-Centric Ecosystem

For enterprises heavily dependent on Microsoft’s suite of products, Azure cloud presents a convenient option for hosting their data lake. The Azure platform manifests robustness, affordability, and resilience through the INFOLOB’s implementation of industry-leading practices and standards, including geo-redundant deployment capabilities.

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  • Identify all relevant stakeholders involved in the project
  • Conduct a series of exploratory workshops to familiarize ourselves with the organization’s data strategy and long-term plans
  • Create a comprehensive catalog of the data lake’s requirements

Plan & Wireframe

  • Develop a high-level solution design that integrates well with existing environments, with consideration given to future cloud migrations
  • Create a detailed end-to-end implementation plan that defines scope, timelines, milestones, and deliverables
  • Define data ingestion strategies for all identified sources
  • Optionally, if expanding activities beyond the data lake, create a roadmap


  • For first-time cloud projects, establish all necessary cloud-based infrastructure and security mechanisms
  • Implement data pipelines to ingest and process raw data into a standardized, cost-efficient format
  • Configure CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment

Handover & Change Management

  • We deliver detailed technical documentation to enable your team to run the data lake
  • We conduct knowledge transfer and training sessions to ensure all technical and business users are proficient with the data lake solution

Ease of Governance with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

At INFOLOB, we understand the value of incorporating unwavering support for maximizing your OBIEE investment into our implementation and support services. Our experienced OBIEE team offers remote

system access, online assistance, and comprehensive diagnostics for mission-critical challenges. We are committed to providing exceptional support and attention to all customer issues, regardless of company size, and consistently go above and beyond to serve our patrons.

Maximize Productivity with Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

INFOLOB’s enables and supports Oracle Agile PLM to be an across-the-board solution that caters to a wide range of industries, including semiconductors and pharmaceuticals. The platform is composed of several modules, each providing unique capabilities to optimize your product lifecycle management:

Enterprise Product Record

Ensures secure and accurate control of product information and processes throughout the lifecycle

Product Collaboration

Facilitates global product data sharing, change management, and collaboration

Engineering Collaboration

Integrates with leading MCAD and ECAD tools to optimize engineering processes across the enterprise

Enterprise Visualization

Provides native document viewing for over 450 file formats

Product Governance & Compliance

Enables compliance with regulatory requirements for products, substances, and materials

Data Quality Management

Enables the creation of reliable and consistent product data through standardization


Product Cost Management

Offers real-time visibility into product costs for effective management

Product Portfolio Management

Provides synchronized programs and product information for cross-program visibility and decision support

Ace Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC/EGRC)

The public sector operates in intricate and exceptional environments, where financial, operational, and regulatory policies and mandates are complex and varied. Despite these challenges, many public sector organizations struggle to comprehensively and efficiently evaluate and handle the related risks present throughout their operations.

INFOLOB stands out as a distinguished expert in designing and executing customized and cutting-edge solutions using Oracle’s Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) suite of applications. With INFOLOB’s highly regarded proficiency, public sector organizations can effectively configure and implement tailored solutions to manage the diverse risks associated with their operations.

Experience Your Data in a Revolutionary New Way with MS Power BI and INFOLOB

With Microsoft Power BI, your business can easily view and analyze critical data through interactive reports and compelling visualizations, all from one cloud-based dashboard accessible on any device. This powerful suite of business intelligence tools gives you real-time insights, providing a competitive edge. INFOLOB can accelerate your Power BI implementation by customizing reports and dashboards to fit your unique needs. Our expert developers will also create API connections to your data sources, enabling you to pull data from all relevant sources and create a comprehensive view of your business. Additionally, we offer hands-on workshops to provide technical support, guidance, and best practices, ensuring user adoption.

Match Big Data Demands with Ease Using Hadoop-Powered Data Platform - Cloudera

Embracing a data-driven approach goes beyond simply having some data or an analytics platform in the background. It means leveraging data insights to make informed business decisions. To truly mobilize your data with Cloudera, INFOLOB’s consulting services provide expert guidance to kickstart your data journey. Our experienced Cloudera professionals elevate your current data platform experience with Cloudera’s user-friendly and enriched offerings. We deliver industry-dominating implementation, operation, and management services for Cloudera/Hadoop, enabling you to unravel the true worth of your data.

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Give Data Visualization Today’s Avatar with INFOLOB’s Tableau Support

Managing and analyzing large amounts of raw data can be challenging for organizations, leading to difficulties in decision-making. Tableau offers a solution by allowing users to quickly create tables, dashboards, and insightful reports, enabling effective data utilization for decision-making. INFOLOB eases the process further out by providing customized Tableau consulting, implementation, and administration to support any configuration and use case – with a focus on enabling game-changing insights through innovative analytics platforms, robust dashboards, integrated analytics, and self-service analytics.

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Prompt Associative Search and Real-time Analysis with QlikView, Qlik Sense, and INFOLOB

INFOLOB extends professional implementation and support services for Qlik Sense, a flexible and intuitive business intelligence solution designed for a full spectrum of users. With a smart search system, drag & drop interface, and drill-down capabilities, creating interactive visualizations is both fun and productive. Our team of certified developers will integrate the tool into your system, administer the Qlik Sense server, and develop applications and extensions to help you make faster business decisions.

QlikView and Qlik Sense Deployment

  • Strategy, technical assessment, and needs analysis for QlikView and Qlik Sense deployment
  • End-to-end deployment of QlikView and Qlik Sense platform, including app development and employee training
  • Comprehensive post-implementation services, including app maintenance and servicing

Application Audit & Optimization

  • Evaluation of app performance, scalability, and usability
  • Identification of areas that negatively impact app functionality
  • Implementation of solutions to optimize app performance

Analytical and Reporting Administration

  • Minor implementation work and bug fixing as part of project maintenance
  • Monitoring of system or environment based on SLA
  • Provision of expert services by a specialist with extensive project experience

Qlik Sense and QlikView Change Management

  • Providing confidence and convenience to users for using dashboards
  • Advanced training for users to utilize self-service features and develop corporate apps

Application and Local Configurations Rollouts

  • Quick adaptation of existing solutions to local standards and requirements
  • Utilization of consultant knowledge and experience to reduce time and costs

Infra Audit and Optimization

  • Evaluation of current environment for best practices
  • Identification of areas impacting performance, usability, and maintainability

Cloud Services for Qlik

  • Cloud services and support for data architecture based on solutions like Qlik Cloud, Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform

Qlik Managed Service

  • Partner support for specialized expertise on existing project teams
  • Complete project team building for independent implementation of entire IT projects

Data Aggregation

  • Implementation of data into QlikView and Qlik Sense with data warehouses or server clustering
  • Correlation of data from multiple sources like ERP, CRM, SCM, HRMS systems, Excel files, and social media

Qlik Platform Scale Assessment

  • Verification of app capability to handle increasing data volumes and anticipated user growth
  • Testing for new app development, upgrades, and migrations

QlikView and Qlik Sense Inter-Migration

  • Efficient process for functionality and data migration from QlikView to Qlik Sense
  • Utilization of Vizlib extension library for new data visualization types and extended platform capabilities
  • Continuous upgrading of environment versions with new functionality and visualization types

Crafting BI Strategies

  • Preparation of complete strategies for Business Intelligence tool implementation
  • Specialization in solutions for clients in financial, HealthTech, retail, e-com, industrial, and manufacturing sectors