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Oracle Exadata as enterprise IT infrastructure backbone is an excellent choice — and INFOLOB’s award-winning Exadata Cloud at Customer and Exadata Cloud Services support ensure maximum benefits are extracted. Our competencies also cover Oracle Private Cloud Appliances, ZFS Storage Appliance, ZDLRA, patching and tuning, and performance optimization.

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The Ultimate Oracle Exadata Support – From Design to Dominance

Oracle Engineered Systems is the most advanced, reliable, and high-performance infrastructure designed for today’s data-driven business world. And INFOLOB — 3x winner of Oracle Most Valuable Partner (MVP) award for Exadata — underwrites its performance with the full spectrum of expert services including ROI-driven assessment, implementation, patching and tuning, and 24×7 managed services. Adjoining video was recorded by Oracle with our Exadata practice leader a few years ago.

Our support services also cover Oracle Engineered Systems’ core and peripheral products/services – including Exadata migration, Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, Oracle ZFS, Oracle ZDLRA, Exadata Cloud at Customer, and Exadata Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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Oracle Hybrid Cloud Options

For existing Exadata user organizations – Oracle offers following four types of hybrid cloud options to fulfil all kinds of public and private cloud requirements. Moreover, the identicality of these four Oracle hybrid cloud alternatives with your existing on-premises environment increases agility and workforce adoption. These are:

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

As highlighted by Gartner’s Lydia Leong, Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud at Customer (DRCC) is a special tool to copy and paste Oracle Public Cloud advantages into an on-premises Data Center, which means the architecture, services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), operations, SLAs, security, and billing model remain exactly the same as before. With Oracle DRCC, customers can run latency-sensitive applications with data locality in a fully managed cloud regions, consolidate legacy applications on high-performance cloud infrastructure that comes with tools to modernize, and run an entire portfolio of IT workloads in a single-tenant, flexible cloud infrastructure. Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer brings over 50 cloud services that are:

  • Hosted within customers’ data center
  • Customizable based on workload needs
  • Completely dedicated and fully featured
  • Oracle managed maintenance and operations
  • Software-defined infrastructure
  • Billed only for the cloud service consumption

Oracle Exadata – The Exceller of Oracle Database with Shared ‘Bloodline’

Oracle Exadata is a complete package of hardware and software designed for maximum performance and scalability of database operations. It is engineered to provide unmatched performance and scalability for Oracle databases, with unique features such as InfiniBand connectivity, flash storage, and a unique software stack that optimizes database performance. In particular to revolutionize OLTP, Oracle Exadata X8M comes with the cutting-edge technology, something that was limited only to supercomputers until now, called Random Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCE).

With Oracle Exadata, your database operations can run up to 10-times faster than traditional systems, enabling you to handle large volumes of data, improve application response times, and reduce operational costs. More so, because both Exadata and Oracle Database are built on the same assembly line.

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Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is a converged infrastructure solution that combines compute, network, and storage resources into a single system that can be easily deployed and managed. It is a complete and integrated solution that offers virtualization, cloud management, and infrastructure management in a single platform. It enables you to build and manage a private cloud that is easy to deploy, secure, and flexible. With Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, you can reduce operational costs, improve performance, and optimize resource utilization.

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Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is a high-performance storage system designed for demanding enterprise workloads. It provides a complete storage solution that is scalable, reliable, and easy to manage. It is an ideal solution for organizations that need to manage large volumes of data, protect against data loss, and deliver high-performance storage services to their applications. With Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, you can achieve better performance, scalability, and reliability for your data storage needs.

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA)

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is a complete data protection and recovery solution that provides continuous data protection for Oracle databases. It is an integrated appliance that combines hardware, software, and networking to ensure zero data loss protection for Oracle databases. It provides real-time backup and recovery, and supports multiple databases and platforms. With Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, you can protect your business data against data loss and minimize downtime. And INFOLOB is your go-to design, deployment, and management partner to help you overcome the complexities of harnessing leading-edge backup and recovery capabilities.

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Exadata Cloud At Customer

Exadata Cloud at Customer is an on-premises cloud solution that provides the benefits of Exadata Cloud Service in your data center. The key difference between Exadata and ExaCC is that provides a fully managed and secure cloud infrastructure for Oracle databases, with the same features and capabilities as Exadata Cloud Service. It offers complete control over your data, and allows you to run mission-critical workloads in your own data center. With Exadata Cloud@Customer, you can achieve the benefits of a cloud solution while keeping your data on-premises.

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Exadata Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Exadata Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a cloud-based solution that provides the benefits of Exadata in a cloud environment. Please note that Oracle Databases perform much better on OCI than AWS or Azure. ExaCS offers a fully managed and scalable solution for Oracle databases, with the same features and capabilities as Exadata on-premises. It provides the flexibility and agility of a cloud solution, with the performance and security of Exadata. With Exadata Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can accelerate your cloud journey and achieve unmatched performance and scalability.

Engineered Systems Sizing/Capacity Planning

Sizing and capacity planning are critical aspects of any Oracle Engineered Systems deployment. Proper sizing ensures that you have the necessary resources to support your workload, while capacity planning ensures that you can handle future growth and changing business requirements. Our team of experts can help you with capacity planning and sizing to ensure that your deployment is right-sized and optimized for your business needs.

Exadata, PCA, ZFS, ZDLRA Resale

We offer resale services for Oracle Engineered Systems, which includes the purchase and sale of new and refurbished systems. Our resale services ensure that you can get the hardware and software you need at a competitive price.

Migration & Upgrade Services for Oracle Engineered Systems

Migrating and upgrading Oracle Engineered Systems can be a complex process. Our team of experts can help you with migration and upgrades to ensure that your systems are up-to-date and running smoothly. We can help you with system consolidation, data migration, and software upgrades, to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition.

Oracle Exadata and Engineered Appliances’ Performance Tuning Services

Performance tuning is critical for achieving the best possible performance from your Oracle Engineered Systems. Our team of experts can help you with performance tuning to optimize your systems and improve your application performance. We can help you with database optimization, network tuning, storage tuning, and software tuning, to ensure that your systems are running at peak performance.

Exadata and Engineered Systems Patching Support

Keeping your Oracle Engineered Systems up-to-date with the latest patches and updates is critical for ensuring security, stability, and performance. Our team of experts can help you with patching to ensure that your systems are up-to-date and secure. INFOLOB helps you with patch management, testing, and deployment, to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition.

Engineered Systems Relocation

Relocating Oracle Engineered Systems can be a complex and challenging process. Our team of experts can help you with system relocation to ensure a smooth transition. We can help you with site surveys, cabling, power, and network connections, to ensure that your systems are relocated efficiently and with minimal downtime.

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