Evaluate Your IT Infrastructure for
Cloud Feasibility and Future Readiness

With a week or two long IT estate health check engagement — INFOLOB’s experts evaluate your existing environment (Exadata or otherwise) with an eye on the next decade. In return, our deliverable is an actionable report comparing all major cloud providers based on your needs with total cost of ownership analysis.

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Why Assess Your Organizational Cloud Feasibility?

Cloud is inevitable eventuality for all future computing requirements, and most organizations are already leveraging it in some capacity. However, before embarking on a larger or wholesome migration, our cloud assessment report will help you to:

Examine Your Architecture
Understand the condition of your IT for the journey to the cloud and identify the workloads that may migrate first and others later.

Evaluate Your Choices
Measure pros and cons of multifarious cloud providers to determine which one best suits your requirements and why.

Foresee CAPEX vs OPEX Benefits
Realize how renting resources rather than buying will deliver quick scaling during greater computing demands while paying only for what you use.

Carve a Cloud Migration Plan
Strategize how transition to the virtualized environment must unfold with data-based analysis and estimations on migration time, deployment cost, and best practices.

What INFOLOB Cloud Assessment Report Includes

Our cloud strategy and migration assessment service is usually a week or fortnight long engagement done under clear non-disclosure agreements. The aim of this engagement is to help you discover the best cloud migration approach based on your organization’s enterprise and application stack. The deliverables include:

  • Business operations
  • Infrastructure cloud strategy
  • Operations/Geography/People
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Infrastructure middleware and database requirements
  • Product roadmap and licenses
  • Application current state, dependencies, interfaces, integrations, configurations, SLAs, and environments
  • Application specific infrastructure requirements
  • Application middleware and database requirements
  • Testing requirements
  • Decide on the target platform

Experience The State of Exadata Assessment

INFOLOB offers comprehensive Exadata assessment services, including an Exadata health check, for organizations striving to maximize their Oracle Exadata investments. Our two-week performance assessment covers all the important performance and cost-efficiency actors, including capacity planning, storage capacity utilization, database performance, SQL tuning, indexing, network performance, hardware performance, backup and recovery, and patch management.

In addition, our Exadata health check provides a thorough review of the current Exadata deployment, identifying any potential issues, and recommending best practices for ensuring optimal Exadata health – at all times. Performed on a monthly or quarterly basis, each assessment provides a detailed examination of the appliance, including a review of the system hardware, database, query performance, error logging, etc.

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With INFOLOB’s Exadata assessment services, organizations can ensure that their Exadata deployment is running optimally, delivering the desired performance, resource utilization, security, and more – providing a solid foundation for future growth.

Capacity Assessment

We examine the current usage of your Exadata infrastructure to determine the full spectrum of future capacity needs. This includes supervising the growth of data, the number of users, and the database usage patterns

Storage Capacity Assessment

We inspect the storage capacity utilization to ensure that it is used optimally. This includes monitoring disk space usage, storage capacity utilization, and storage performance

Database Performance

We monitor the performance of the database to ensure that it meets the expected performance goals including response time, number of transactions/second, and database performance metrics

SQL Tuning

We probe the SQL statements executed in the database and tune them for peak performance statistics. This involves optimizing the execution plan, minimizing the number of disk I/O operations, together with the statements' execution time


We oversee the index usage in the database and tune the indexes to add to Exadata’s excellence - including the index usage, optimizing the index structure, and ensuring that the correct indexes are utilized

Network Assessment

We analyze Exadata’s network performance for unleashing its true flagship potential. This includes overseeing network latency, network bandwidth, and network usage

Hardware Assessment

INFOLOB monitors the hardware performance of the different variants of your Exadata to ensure that it meets the promised performance objectives - concerning CPU utilization, memory utilization, and the disk I/O performance

Backup and Recovery

We assess the backup and recovery processes on your Exadata to ensure that they are operating as expected and that the database can be recovered in case of a disaster

Patch Management

We explore your Exadata’s patch management process to ensure that the deployment is up-to-date with all the latest patches and security updates

Experience The State of Exadata Assessment

Exadata Patching is a crucial aspect of maintaining the optimal performance and availability of your Oracle Exadata machine. INFOLOB — the world’s top five, and APAC No.1 Game Changer Tech Service Delivery Partner (2022) — offers cost-effective and efficient Exadata patching services with minimum to zero downtime. Our team of experts, recognized as the Partner MVP for Engineered Systems for three consecutive years, handles the responsibilities that transcend your system’s firmware and software, security checks with a reactive approach to cyber threats, and thorough reviews of each patch before implementation (at INFOLOB’s technology lab) – ensuring the best outcome for your investment.

Choose INFOLOB for a hassle-free and customized Exadata patching experience.

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