In retail, systems need to work flawlessly and quickly in order for businesses to manage their clientele and provide a positive experience for customers. Digital and IT work is essential for providing that experience. INFOLOB has assisted several large and well-known organizations with the improvement of their systems on both the technological and design levels. 

INFOLOB offers the following services and solutions for retail organizations:

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Analytics are vital for retail businesses in order to predict future consumer trends. Access to business intelligence programs and analytics platforms allows for better organization and manipulation of valuable data. INFOLOB provides:

  • Business intelligence software implementation (Oracle BI, Microsoft Power BI, and others) 
  • Upgrades and performance tuning for existing BI software
  • Analysis and visualization of big data

Customer Experience

Positive experiences go a long way to inspire loyalty among customers, and loyalty is quintessential to a business’s success. INFOLOB employs quality user experience (UX) researchers and designers who thoroughly investigate the most visually pleasing and psychologically gratifying ways to interact with a product. This research can be incorporated into the development of applications and products, in turn increasing customer satisfaction and boosting loyalty. 


Storing information is crucial in retail, and depending on the level of data and size of the company, vast databases are necessary for proper organization. INFOLOB can install databases as well as provide database administration and support for database management.