The high tech industry is stringently competitive and often suffers from declining operating margins, skyrocketing capital expenditures, and pressure to introduce new products in a timely fashion while complying with governance and environmental regulations. Innovation, cost reduction, reduced time to market, and optimized supply chains let these companies stay afloat, and INFOLOB helps make that happen. 

INFOLOB offers a wide variety of services and and solutions for the high tech industry:

  • Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to allow early capture of compliance regulations and reduce time to market
  • Solutions to comply with legislations designed to control hazardous substances and reduce e-waste in the environment
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for sales force automation and opportunity management
  • Supply chain management (SCM) solutions to improve cycle times, customer responsiveness, and service levels
  • Solutions to reduce cost of procurement and vendor management through e-sourcing, vendor portals, and electronic exchange of information 
  • Warehouse management services
  • Cloud solutions for independent software vendors to provide the platform and infrastructure needed to develop agile and value adding software to the business at the same time avoiding prohibitive investments in infrastructure.