Why Oracle Cloud@Customer is an Irresistible Hybrid Cloud Alternative?
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Why Oracle [email protected] is an Irresistible Hybrid Cloud Alternative?

For existing Oracle customers, it is important to evaluate whether they are extracting the maximum from their Exadata investment before contemplating cloud migration. Invariably, there are opportunities to increase database performance and consolidate environments that are impacting asset management, licensing, and performance of the connected Oracle applications.

For non-Oracle customers who are browsing options for a successful cloud migration as well as save on existing on-premise computing infrastructure, Oracle Exadata Gen 2 [email protected] is a hybrid cloud option that brings cloud benefits behind your firewall for the strongest data security possible. [email protected] is custom built for organizations who desire cloud benefits but wish to refrain from placing their production environments in the public cloud.

On October 1, 2020, at 1 pm Central Time, Infolob will offer an opportunity to listen and brainstorm with Tim Fox, one of the premier thought leaders of Oracle Engineered Systems.

Tim will offer insights into:-

  • How to extract maximum value from existing Exadata investment
  • Factors that make Oracle [email protected] an ideal product for data-security concerns
  • Oracle Public Cloud Appliances for heterogeneous and non-Oracle workloads
  • Q&A session

Video: Tim talking about best practices to maximize ROI on your Oracle Exadata investment.

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