You are currently viewing 7 Benefits of operating your PeopleSoft application on the Oracle Cloud platform (IaaS)

7 Benefits of operating your PeopleSoft application on the Oracle Cloud platform (IaaS)

7 Benefits of operating PeopleSoft in the cloud

You built your PeopleSoft application, you customized it to meet your unique business needs and now you haven’t found a compelling reason to migrate from PeopleSoft to the Oracle Cloud (SaaS) solution. No worries, you’re not alone in your thinking, and better yet, Oracle continues to offer support for your existing PeopleSoft application.

So, the question I have for you today is:

Why do you continue to spend time and money managing your PeopleSoft environment in-house?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) offer you the ability to effectively streamline your PeopleSoft environment in the PeopleSoft cloud, improve your performance, and reduce your administrative overhead.

Now is a good time to migrate your PeopleSoft application to the Oracle Cloud platform (IaaS).

1.Lift and shift to the Oracle Cloud:

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a cloud application available from the Oracle Marketplace designed to help migrate and administer PeopleSoft applications on the Oracle Cloud. Through automation, you can now lift and shift all of your PeopleSoft environments from on-premises instances to the Oracle Cloud.


PeopleSoft is optimized to perform on the Oracle Cloud, so you get the optimal performance you need to run your PeopleSoft applications.

3.Deploy PeopleSoft instances on-demand:

That’s right, I said it…The ability to deploy PeopleSoft instances is at your fingertips with your Oracle Cloud solution. Gone are the days of finding the right individuals, making a formula request, and waiting around for your PeopleSoft environment to magically appear. Deploy pre-built PeopleSoft applications from Oracle Cloud Marketplace or store your own baseline images for one of your PeopleSoft environments to quickly create another one.

4.Backup and restore:

With database cloud service, managing backups is at your fingertips. Control the frequency, backup, and restore without worrying about the availability of space.


Quickly and easily take a snapshot of your PeopleSoft instance by creating a new test environment with that snapshot.


Use the Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service and Oracle Management Cloud to easily configure the tools to start monitoring services and servers. Configure system alerts that meet your business needs.


Oracle manages the latest releases and patches, so customers are easily able to create a baseline image for beginning their upgrade to the latest release. Applying and deploying fixes in the PeopleSoft cloud has never been easier with less downtime and impact on the business.

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