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Business with Pleasure with Oracle and Infolob

Oracle Exadata is what both hyper-growth and steadily growing businesses have in common ever since they learned about the incredible performance and security gains on Oracle Database. 86 out of the Fortune Global 100 use Oracle Exadata for running their mission-critical Oracle Database workloads, and Infolob is dedicated to helping this enterprises extract maximum out of their investment.

On May 11, Oracle and Infolob are hosting a business with pleasure event in Tampa, FL, with the following two agendas:

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer (ExaCC): Experience Exadata built on the Oracle Public Cloud and yet deployable in the customer data center, behind their private firewall. Plus, explore how Exadata’s resource-efficient infrastructure is made accessible at a low, universally-applied pay-per-use pricing.

Database Security Best Practices: And although cyber defense in Oracle technologies goes beyond the best practices approach, it is essential to begin by fixing all the obvious loopholes before heading on to advanced security. Hence, enforcing database security best practices is a top priority.

Let us help you meet, familiarize, implement, and manage the market-leading Oracle Exadata’s Cloud@Customer variant and database security best practices with a round of golf and feast.

Why Infolob?

The Irving, TX, company holds one of the largest pools of Oracle-certified experts encompassing 25 specializations in Oracle’s core technologies including the Oracle ExaCC and Oracle Database.