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How Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Managed Services Accelerates Your Business Value?

Bringing the strategic initiatives to the forefront when implementing Oracle E-Business Suite, it is a double-edged sword. Also, we have seen that many organizations are spending too much time in carrying out day-to-day operations of their Oracle EBS environment. In addition to operations and-consuming tasks, there are other operational challenges such as recruiting and training staff, monitoring daily operations, and achieving optimal performance from Oracle ERP.

When it comes to ERP management, another head-strain task is to strike the perfect balance between support needed for users in maintaining the speed at scale as well as well-balanced cost structure. This leads to reduction in annual support costs and fails to meet the minimum strategic progress when Oracle EBS environment is considered.

In our observation, we also found that organizations who are using Oracle EBS claim that either their environment is underutilized, or they lack in expertise. Either of both pertaining the heavy loss in their overall efficiency, costs, and performance.

In brief, the challenges when implementing Oracle EBS managed services include:

  1. Supporting the users at scale by delivering speed and cost-effectiveness
  2. Unable to meet strategic objectives of Oracle environment
  3. Underutilization of resources
  4. Lack of expertise/non-availability of experts who are well-versed in Oracle EBS
  5. Existing infrastructure integrating with multiple systems, leading to increased complexity
  6. Overall maintenance is time-consuming and expensive
  7. Unaware about software upgrades and patches

Creating a customizable suite as per the organizational needs and user demands, requires years of practice and expertise. But before seeking the right partner to address the challenges while deploying the Oracle EBS, let’s uncover its business benefits.

Benefits of Oracle EBS Managed Services

When business benefits are quantifiable, the probability of change in environment is high. As Oracle E-Business Suite can maximize business value with its optimal features, here is how it brings business value to your organization.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

You can scale up and down as needed based on the infrastructure sizing, licensing costs, and usage of resources. Also, you can go with a custom-tailored approach matching to your business requirements rather than opting for more than you need. This significantly improves resource efficiency and reduces operational and maintenance costs.

High Responsiveness & 24/7 Support

Your business users expect a great support and high responsiveness for Oracle applications such as Oracle EBS order management or Oracle EBS advanced supply chain. Catering to business needs, it’s a forefront challenge to provide consistent and timely support for them because most organizations doesn’t show up on allocating budgets to employees who are skilled in Oracle EBS managed resources.

An on-demand access team of professionals serve the purpose by liberating all these challenges and supporting customer environments from time to time.

Refocus on Strategic Objectives & Projects

Within IT organizations, the excessive budgets fall into hiring and training staff. In this case, it’s a crucial aspect to bring out a substantial business value from them. On a similar note, most of the Oracle ERP professionals handle routine tasks, addressing end-user concerns, and daily operational support, which narrows the value to be obtained from EBS managed services.

A right business partner helps the internal teams to refocus on their strategic objectives and projects while the experts take care of end-to-end Oracle EBS environment implementation.

In addition to above three major benefits, the other advantages include:

  • Increased system availability and reduced downtime can be achieved through expert monitoring, preventative maintenance, and SLA-driven incident resolution.
  • Less probability of security breaches, data loss, and compliance failures with robust security and backup services in action.
  • Any new modules and capabilities can be implemented quickly through the involvement of expert augmentation.
  • Potential strategic partnerships across the globe for evolving Oracle EBS management and emerging technology adoption.

In summary, EBS managed services deliver significant technical, operational and strategic benefits that help realize greater value from Oracle investments.

Delivery model & INFOLOB’s Support

Bring life to your vision as you deploy Oracle EBS managed services into your organization culture by collaborating with Oracle’s Solution Innovation Partner, INFOLOB. We help businesses by maximizing their potential with Oracle applications and it’s been more than a decade that we thrive in deploying Oracle applications to many small-sized to large-sized enterprises. Thanks to the evolution of our delivery model where our Oracle suite of innovation matches rightly with the business strategies.

Global Presence

Pinpoint the place where you’re operating from, we step forward to support you anywhere across the globe. With 8 delivery centers and 450+ Oracle experts functioning, we maximize your business for the Oracle suite deployed that can be scaled up or down based on your business requirements.

Patch & Upgrade Management

Intricacies happen when organizations begin to patch or upgrade their Oracle EBS environment. There can be loss of data or other data breaches. But our professionals make the patches and upgrades successful without loss of data or any other security breaches, delivering a fully functional and optimized environment.

Environment optimization

Environment optimization is one of the key focus areas of our EBS managed services. Our experts perform comprehensive assessments of your EBS landscape and identify opportunities to enhance performance, availability, and efficiency. Based on your present and projected workloads from existing infrastructure and business users, we right-size infrastructure while augmenting computation, storage, memory resources, response times, load balancing, clustering, and caching. All these aspects together enhance overall scalability.

Incident & Change Management

We follow proven ITIL best practices for incident, problem, change, and release management. In this cycle, all incidents are logged, classified, and tracked through resolution. We identify problems based on root cause analysis where changes are evaluated for risks. Our structured release management ensures comprehensive testing in a controlled environment while maintaining the compliance. By leveraging robust incident and change management, we drive Oracle EBS stability, minimize business disruption, and enable continual improvements.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Most of the time, we end up at a place where resources remain underutilized, and costs keep on pumping up. To avoid these pitfalls for organizations, we take care of your resource utilization. Oracle EBS being the central mechanism of your business operations, we focus and prioritize the type of resources needed to meet most of your requirements. Depending on the size of functional units and their respective usage, through continuous monitoring, we help enterprises to cut budgets on unnecessary resources. This makes companies to run on EBS environment cost-effectively when compared to other environments.

Scalable Teams

Hiring in-house developers might lead to financial deficits and investing into something where there are no expert hands to guide through can lead to major downfall. That’s why INFOLOB partnership serves the purpose. For a chosen Oracle EBS managed services, our teams’ step into your environment to make sure everything runs smoothly, allowing you to meet your goals. You can upsize or downsize the teams when needed based on the internal workflows and demands from your business users.

INFOLOB delivery model plays a huge role in most organizations even today as:

  • We develop a comprehensive customer profile, taking care of functional system setup, identifying business requirements, and clearly understanding operational schedules.
  • We go through the available documentation along with reviewing system configuration. This helps us to build an inclusive business strategy that automates system processes.
  • Review of workflows, customizations needed, performance enhancing models to achieve efficiency are considered.


As organizations rely heavily on Oracle E-Business Suite for mission-critical functions, keeping aging on-premises infrastructure running can become an endless drain on internal IT teams. Constant firefighting of hardware issues and troubleshooting complex customized deployments leaves little time to work on strategic initiatives for business growth. Moreover, the increasing infrastructure costs due to complex licensing, required refreshes, and unplanned downtime takes away budgets better spent on innovation.

By partnering with INFOLOB for EBS managed services, organizations can finally get out of this vicious cycle. With expertise in hosted infrastructure management, INFOLOB takes on the undifferentiated heavy lifting of daily EBS operations and maintenance. This frees up IT teams to focus on high-value activities that drive real business outcomes.

At the same time, INFOLOB’s optimized delivery model brings down the total cost of supporting custom EBS environments. For organizations struggling under the weight of disjointed legacy systems, it is time to consider the benefits of EBS managed services for unlocking its true potential as a business enabler.

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