Oracle infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) allows its customers to seamlessly incorporate a cloud strategy and conveniently pick and choose what they need from Oracle at a more competitive price.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) makes industry-leading technical infrastructures available to customers as a service. It’s like owning the best commodity hardware available, but you only pay for what you need, and it combines the benefits of the public cloud with on-prem benefits. IaaS lets customers run any workload they have on the same hardware/software stack they run on-prem, and gives them governance, predictability, and control over their systems. The transition to Oracle’s IaaS is a low-risk, high-reward endeavor.

OCI uses a high-bandwidth network to connect cloud servers to local, block, and object storage to deliver a cloud platform to you that provides high performance for traditional and distributed applications, as well as available databases. It’s architected to support your current applications as well as the future ones you create.


Sizing and Provisioning

Using our proprietary tools, we extract performance data from currently running systems and translate the current performance data into an Oracle Cloud configuration. 


Using our Heavy Metal Oracle Cloud Pricing tool (built-in Oracle Application Express), we can build product bundles, perform what-if scenarios, and compare certain services to Amazon Web Services products.

Implementation/Lift and Shift

Infolob assists our clients in migrations to the cloud. Our “lift and shift” services often begin with a physical-to-virtual migration so that virtualized servers can be easily migrated. We ensure that the security infrastructure of the cloud provider is comparable, if not better than, their on-prem solution.

Managed Services

Once our clients are migrated and operating cloud-based systems, Infolob’s cloud managed services kick in. We help ensure that our client’s cloud experience is both performant as well as stable. Our deep skills with the Oracle technology/application/Cloud suite of products allows Infolob to manage cloud environments with minimal effort.


A platform as a service (PaaS) utilizes a third-party provider (in this case, Oracle) who delivers hardware and software tools to the user through the internet. Oracle hosts the hardware and software on their infrastructure so users no longer have to install the hardware or software on-prem to run or develop a new application. While similar to IaaS, in this case, Oracle provides not only the infrastructure and hypervisor but operating systems and middleware as well. 

The Oracle Cloud Platform combines Oracle with open source technology to let users build, deploy, integrate, secure, and manage enterprise applications more effectively. It’s optimized for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, letting users take advantage of a platform that is available within their own data center but managed by Oracle.


Infolob ensures that your Oracle PaaS services are sized and implemented correctly. We help you achieve the lowest cost of ownership available to you and configure your system to do exactly what you need it to do while taking advantage of the security, scalability, and performance of Oracle Cloud Platform.

Our proprietary cloud provisioning tool, called OKAPI, also adds an additional level of security and access control to the platform that does not exist by default. Using our tool as your gateway to cloud provisioning, we can ensure that only authorized users provision PaaS services, and provide you with reporting on what they provision.

Take a quick look at the available services for Oracle IaaS and PaaS that Infolob provides to ensure that you have a smooth and cost effective transition.

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