Vijay Cherukuri

Founder, CEO, Executive Chairman

Vijay Cherukuri brings more than 25 years of database and big data experience in the information technology domain to Infolob. He has successfully led transformative business operations and is a customer-centric executive and expert in creating and expanding profitable organizations, expanding globally, and optimizing and scaling businesses through rapid transformation. Before establishing Infolob Solutions in 2009, he worked in principal positions as a consultant and employee with Fortune 1000 companies such as Oracle, Google, Walmart, Bank Of America, Xerox, Texas Instruments, International Paper, Fidelity Investments, Sabre Systems, QLogic, as well as the US public sector. Vijay has a master’s degree in human resource management from the Indian Institute of Cost and Management Studies & Research, Pune and a master’s in business administration from IMAC, Pune.