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Oracle APEX Implementation and Functional Services

The struggles of building modern, responsive applications can be overwhelming at times. Until recently, it has lived off specialized skills paired with significant time and resource investments. However now, one of the marvels of low-code/no-code revolution – Oracle Application Express (APEX) – is here helping enterprises focus only on first-class implementations.

Build enterprise apps 20x faster with 100x less code

One of the most important decisions to be made when choosing an application development platform is software license acquisition cost.  With APEX, there are no per user or per application fees required to run the APEX platform.  You only pay for the resources you consume with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  In your on-prem environment, there is no cost to run the APEX platform.

Oracle APEX in On-Premise:

If you are running any oracle workloads on-prem, you can still leverage the infinite possibilities provided by APEX on any platform from commodity hardware through ODA and Exadata. APEX provides rapid design capabilities with powerful data visualization tools, data manipulation forms, and highly extensible reporting and charting.  Everything built in APEX is browser-independent which means that applications are accessible on PC’s, tablets, and even mobile devices with no modification or specific design requirements. All this in a low-code, rapid application development environment.

Oracle APEX in Oracle Cloud:

APEX Application Development Facility in OCI:

  • Pre-installed and pre-configured environment reduces project start up time
  • Low-code development comes with guided approach to accelerate the creation of application
  • Agile development with an option to implement changes and make enhancements – often in real time – without the need for complicated, multistep deployment.
  • Build modern, data-driven applications using a converged database, which supports data types including relational, JSON, spatial, and more

APEX on Autonomous Environments:

  • APEX is built-in to every Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) environment in OCI
  • APEX application development can begin immediately upon provisioning either ADW or ATP
  • Powerful and extensible reporting capabilities are native to APEX
  • APEX can leverage the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities built in to every Oracle database, including ADW and ATP
  • Because ADW and ATP are hosted on Exadata platforms, APEX applications deliver consistent high performance, uptime, auto-scaling, and easy administration

Oracle APEX on Amazon RDS:

  • Amazon RDS supports APEX through the use of the “APEX” and “APEX-DEV” options.
  • You can deploy a full APEX development environment for web-based applications on AWS
  • All the APEX features and functions can be utilized running the APEX on AWS RDS.

Use Cases: Oracle Cloud ERP (SaaS) and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Extensions

Integrate ERP system(s) with Oracle APEX:

      Interactive reporting:

  • Allow end users to readily visualize data to support their reporting needs.
  • Users can easily create and save customized reports for themselves or others

      Streamline Processes:

  • Develop extensions which deliver simplified business processes
  • Quickly import and export data APEX and ERP systems

      Tight Integration:

  • APEX can be used to include data from many sources via REST Web Services
  • JDBC connectivity allows for integration with any other database in the organization

      Legacy Application Modernization

  • Oracle Forms and Reports to APEX Conversions
  • Oracle Discoverer replacement with customizable APEX reports
  • Mainframe conversion to Oracle / Java / APEX

INFOLOB’s APEX offering:

  • Global 24×7 support, readily available during mission critical times to maintain business continuity
  • Fully functional implementation services including configuration, development, and testing for APEX on any platform whether on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Value-added services for your in-house IT team by providing skilled resources that work in with you to overcome challenges quickly and efficiently.
  • Performance management of databases using the existing APEX applications