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Insurance Industry Cloud Success Story – Oracle VMWare and Exadata (ExaCS) Implementation

A massive life insurer with nearly $600B in assets and 300 million users were to put their initial public offering (IPO) with the client and create an unprecedented addition to the number of applications usually received. To meet the demands of this historic event and ensure seamless operations, the stock exchange needed to urgently pre-plan with a robust and scalable infrastructure.

Having delivered on close to 200 similar-sized projects leveraging 25+ specializations in the Oracle technology stack, INFOLOB stepped in to provide the necessary, end-to-end support.

Getting Started

As the big day approached, the client faced the daunting task of accommodating an estimated 100 to 120 million applications. It needed an infrastructure that could handle the surge in web traffic while affording sustained performance, security, and scalability for similar events in the future. Additionally, the exchange aimed to maintain compatibility between its existing VMware environment and the new infrastructure.

Engaging INFOLOB

Being one of the globe’s top five and Asia Pacific’s #1 Game Changer Tech Service Delivery Partner (2022) for manifesting unrivaled Oracle expertise and piloting countless customer successes, INFOLOB was well-positioned to address the client’s requirements. Our customer-centric approach atop extensive transformation acumen made us an ideal partner for this critical project. Moreover, INFOLOB’s track record boasted one of the most sought-after honors, including the recognition as Oracle’s Most Valuable Partner on three occasions, coupled with multiple appearances on the prestigious Inc. 5000 

companies list. By this time, we were also the first-ever Oracle Partner to deliver Oracle Cloud DRCC in the Middle East, and Oracle Cloud HCM in K-12 in the United States.

Success Delivery

INFOLOB immediately set out on the mission to enable the client’s upcoming IPO environment on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) and Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS). By tweaking and OCVS and ExaCS platform and implementing best practices as well as reviewing the parameters prior to the IPO release – we ensured that the customer’s environment remained disruption-free and was able to withstand the huge traffic. The meticulous planning and proactive monitoring by the deployed team contributed to the successful completion of the IPO event with absolutely zero technical irregularities.

Outcome + Future

Owing to our expertise, and commitment to building a “change-rearing” and not “change-fearing” economy – the stock exchange experienced a resounding success with the insurer’s IPO. The seamless execution and flawless performance instilled confidence in the client to undertake more critical applications and migrations to the Oracle Cloud. Meanwhile, the strategic partnership between INFOLOB and the stock market opened doors for implementing and migrating additional application workloads from on-premises and other cloud vendors to the Oracle Cloud.

Final Thoughts

INFOLOB’s exceptional transformation delivery, combined with a deep understanding of customer requirements, has positioned us as a trusted partner in revolutionizing infrastructure for critical events like the IPO. With that added to the company’s success portfolio, we continue to enable customer success through a host of industry-dominating solutions – inclusive of readiness assessments, migration strategies, cloud/database management, cybersecurity, data science, automation, and more. And as the client looks to the future, it can assuredly rely on INFOLOB’s expertise to navigate the complex landscape of cloud technology and drive further innovation in its operations.

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