QA and testing can help you keep track of the quality, scalability, and availability of your Oracle products. Let Infolob help you achieve a high-quality Oracle experience!

Hands-Off Approach

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) is a full lifecycle solution to help automate testing of your Oracle applications. Test automation frees up time and energy to focus on other important tasks. Infolob can assist with implementation, training, and troubleshooting with OATS.

Oracle Application Testing Suite allows Infolob to help Oracle customers with automation of monotonous testing for their Oracle applications. See how Infolob eases the process for you!

INFOLOB’S OATS Automation Services

Infolob provides the following comprehensive test automation services with OATS:

  • UPK to OATS conversion
  • Automated functional testing
  • Oracle test manager
  • Web services testing
  • Performance and load testing
  • OATS upgrade and business process mapping
  • DevOps and continuous integration testing
  • Agile methodology testing services
  • Oracle testing as a service (TaaS)

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OATS Data Sheet