Infolob’s security services enable organizations to determine comprehensive vulnerability threats, implement key solutions to secure them, and manage ongoing and consistent security policies across their databases, applications, and networks.


Cybersecurity, or techniques and measures taken to protect data, programs, and networks from illegal and unapproved use, is a serious and vital market for any business to invest in. Security itself is a very broad concept, and therefore manifests in various technologies, including data tracking, password rotations, encryption, and much more.

View Infolob’s options for Oracle security, including encryption for applications, networks, databases, OS, and more!

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Security Overview

Infolob recognizes that it is imperative for companies to improve their security posture around highly sensitive systems like Oracle EBS and Oracle databases. Our security program goes beyond your software vendor’s “best-practice approach” and addresses both Internet-facing systems and insider threats. Effective IT security must involve security for your network, data, endpoints, and web application. With the uptick of customers that have moved their on-prem systems to the cloud, or are in the process of migrating, securing all layers of the technical stack becomes more essential than ever.

Building a successful security program today requires extremely talented professionals who can develop a cybersecurity strategy that specifically addresses your enterprise software. The right consulting partner should have a balance of in-depth Oracle expertise and experience in conjunction with modern security hardening and remediation techniques. Our talented team has helped secure some of the top technology companies in the world. Allow Infolob to help your organization build and run a successful cybersecurity program to help mitigate your risks.

Security Assessments

Gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s susceptibility to threats. We will analyze your system as a whole to identify areas of vulnerabilities across the entire technical stack: client, network, OS, application, and database. Using our custom security scanning tool, Infolob will generate a comprehensive report that clearly outlines your organization’s risk level. Based on the findings, we can propose how to take corrective actions for protecting your organization.

Oracle Database Security

Database security is particularly complicated and difficult to obtain. Since databases can store extremely sensitive data, it is important to have a solid encryption system in place. Our database security options include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Sensitive data identification and assurance that encryption methods are used both in-transit and at-rest
  • Database configuration for proper security measures
  • Enablement of logging and auditing options, along with SIEM tool integration
  • Account management and assessment of roles and privileges
  • Confirmation of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOX compliance
  • Data obfuscation/masking
  • Data identification and tracking data movement to other sources
  • Deployment of monitoring solution for proactive alerts when controls start to fail

Application Security

Security within Oracle E-business Suite (Oracle EBS) is vital to organizations as well. Oracle EBS requires a conscious effort from the end-user to ensure the application’s security, since it contains multiple access points and customizations. Many vendor-specific security measures do not affect application security, making your applications much more vulnerable to attack. Infolob’s options for application security include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Enablement of Transport Layer Security (TLS) from browser to web server
  • Deployment of single sign-on with multi-factor authentication
  • Custom concurrent program hardening
  • Custom interface hardening
  • Enablement of standard Oracle EBS security features such as allowed JSP’s, cookie domain scoping, allowed redirects, and non-reversible hash passwords
  • Installation of reverse proxy architecture

Configuration & Compliance

In addition to providing airtight security for your databases, networks, and applications, Infolob can also assist in any compliance issues you may be having. We provide assessments and risk mitigation for the following: 

  • HIPAA 
  • SOX


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