Test Automation

Eliminate manual testing and help transform your software development by moving towards CI/CD with Infolob’s test automation solutions.


Software testing, particularly regression testing, requires several very repetitive tasks to be executed, and doing them manually is time consuming and difficult. In order to maintain the quality of a system while also updating it to meet business needs, it’s important to iron out any rough patches to achieve continuous integration. Automation saves time and money and serves to help identify software defects.

Want to understand how to automate necessary testing for UI, services, infrastructure, data, and more? Infolob has the best talent around for helping you eliminate monotonous tasks that are better suited to automation.

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Infolob provides comprehensive test automation services with off-the-shelf and open source test tools.

We can help automate testing across static analysis, unit testing, build acceptance, regression, integration, browser/device, virtualization, data integrity, environment, resiliency, monitoring, usability (UX), accessibility, performance, and non-web functions across these tiers:

● Web UI
● Services
● Data
● Infrastructure
● and more…

Contact us at engage@infolob.com with any questions or to get started on your Test Automation journey!


Test Automation Data Sheet

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