Brazil: Dual Oracle Cloud Regions, now live!

On a fresh spree to set up a total of 38 Gen2 Cloud Regions by 2021, Oracle has announced its second Brazilian cloud region in Vinhedo, Sao Paolo — active since, Wednesday. Currently, it is the 30th addition to Oracle Cloud Region’s global distribution list.

With the deployment of yet another region — the tech giant, and the leader of tier-2 cloud service providers — Oracle is now the only benefactor with dual regions in Brazil, against even the tier-1 category vendors like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Talking of the tier-1 cloud service vendors, and the significance of a second cloud region in Brazil; in 2019, the world had witnessed the interoperable infrastructure partnership between Oracle and Microsoft, namely the Oracle-Azure Interconnect, deployed under the same geographical zone. The collaboration resulted in landing Brazil’s telecom giant TIM Brasil to adopt their services. Note: It is the only deployment Microsoft has in Brazil.

Whereas, Oracle — with its second, full-fledged cloud region gone live, this Wednesday onwards — has successfully ventured on its mission to establish a minimum of two cloud regions for every country, across North and South America, the European Union, APAC, and Africa. The partnership between Oracle and Microsoft Azure can also be seen as a segment of Oracle’s expansive portfolio of hybrid and multi-cloud initiatives.

Coming back to the use cases of deploying multiple cloud regions in a single country, the first one is the ‘redundancy’, which is a prerequisite for consolidating disaster recovery, failover, real-time volume replication, sharding, and related capabilities.

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And secondly, it is the local data residency advantage for enterprises with concerns pertaining to regulation, security, and low latency. In short, Oracle is affording businesses the confidence of subscribing to their ‘Local Cloud as a Service’ cloud service model — which is also the next generation of edge computing — while seamlessly shifting their workloads to an incredibly capable, scalable, secure, and available public cloud infrastructure.

The next set of Oracle Cloud Regions, ready to be instituted within a year includes the second regions in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, and Sweden. The rest of the regions planned for deployment in 2021, are novel to geographies including South Africa, Singapore, and Israel.

Finally, although Oracle has a surging reputation in the purpose-built, Gen2 enterprise Cloud services, let us also not deconcentrate on the fact that the company still remains a niche database and enterprise applications provider, on top of the infrastructure, all handed out as a fully managed, ‘SLA-ed’ service.