Datthathiri Srinivasan

Vice President – Customer Success & Advisory

Datthathiri Srinivasan aka “Dattha” is a seasoned IT professional with three decades of experience in various capacities including Unix Developer, Database Architect, Enterprise Architect, and Technology / Cloud Solution Consulting Director. He is a “Trusted Advisor” to many clients as he has guided them to right usage of Technology for Business, with his immense technology skills and understanding of the business and operations. Dattha holds various certifications such as CISA, CISSP, and Cloud Architect Professional.

In his 16 years tenure with Oracle, he has evangelised and drove many marque customer projects for Oracle Database Technologies and Exadata Platform as well as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He has led various platform migration projects across databases / operating systems to Oracle Database & Exadata as well as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Prior to Oracle, he held various roles at Hewlett Packard/Compaq, DCM Data Systems, TCI, Premier Mills etc.,

As Vice President – Customer Success & Advisory at Infolob, he is responsible for driving large customer cloud journey initiatives like Systematic Data Centre Evacuation and Data Lakes.