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Engineering Data Center Exit to Cloud in Fincorp Industry

In one of the highest stakes fincorp projects in the history of INFOLOB’s tech implementation and management deliveries, a thriving personal & SMB financing joint venture urgently needed a data center exit.  

The fincorp required engineering a data center exit strategy from its current colocation, demanded the ability to scale its infrastructure seamlessly, and sought robust disaster recovery solutions for its Oracle Database running on Exadata. 

Meanwhile — given the size of the project, and the fact, that it can easily get out of hand — the solution needed to be not just efficient but also economical. 

Executing Due Diligence on the Challenges

  • Rapid Data Center Exit: The foremost challenge was the pressing need to exit fincorp’s current data center facility. Strict compliance requirements mandated a swift and well-executed exit, with the deadline looming in December 2022. 
  • Scale OTG: The organization required the capability to scale its resources horizontally and vertically, ensuring it could meet fluctuating workloads and dynamic business demands. 
  • T&C on Disaster Recovery: Establishing a robust disaster recovery system was paramount for the organization to ensure uninterrupted business operations and safeguard critical data. 
  • Least Network Bandwidth: The project had to be executed with minimal network bandwidth, necessitating the implementation of innovative data transfer and synchronization strategies. 
  • Dealing with Massive Data Volumes: With approximately 15 terabytes of data residing on a high-transaction Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database, handling data migration and synchronization complexities posed a significant hurdle. 
  • Safe Onboarding to Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS): Safely integrating the disaster recovery solutions with Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS) added another layer of complexity to the project. 
  • Close Deadline: The fincorp was working against a stringent deadline, requiring an accelerated and efficient execution of the project to meet compliance requirements. 

Mapping the Fincorp’s Data Center Exit Outcomes

INFOLOB’s extensive expertise in the arenas of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Operating Systems (OS), Networking, Security, and Exadata played an essential role in overcoming these formidable challenges, delivering significant business outcomes: 

  • Timely DC Exit and Oracle ExaCS Migration: INFOLOB accomplished the seemingly impossible by completing the data center exit and migration well within the compliance deadline of December 2022, ensuring the organization met its regulatory requirements seamlessly. 
  • Hyperscale Enabled: The organization now possesses the agility to scale its resources both horizontally and vertically, empowering it to adapt swiftly to changing business demands. 
  • Cost-Intelligent DR Setup: We ingeniously designed a cost-effective disaster recovery solution for the fincorp’s mission-critical financial applications, enhancing their resilience and minimizing cost strain. 
  • Fastracked Oracle Cloud Transition: The project expedited the adoption of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, streamlining subscription orders and services procurement, further optimizing cost-efficiency. 
  • Expanded Service Delivery: INFOLOB’s partnership enabled the organization to broaden its service delivery spectrum, opening new avenues for business growth and customer satisfaction. 
  • OCI Managed Services: Recognizing our matchless expertise, the fincorp opted to continue its partnership, engaging INFOLOB’s OCI-managed services for the management of its new data center and disaster recovery system on OCI.


INFOLOB’s spotless track record and Oracle Platinum Partner status — coupled with our 25+ specializations across Oracle’s technology stack, make us the #1 choice for finance industry players facing complex cloud migration and disaster recovery challenges. Below we arranged a few pointers on why you should consider us. 

1. Tried-and-Tested OCI Excellence: INFOLOB wears numerous badges, including: 

Innovation Partner of the Year – Middle East Africa & Turkiye (2023) (x1) 
→ Solution Innovation Partner – India Business Agility (2023) (x1) 
→ APAC’s #1 and Globe’s Top 5 Game Changer Tech Service Delivery Partner of the Year 2022 (x1) 
→ Oracle’s Most Valuable Partner – MVP (2018, 2019, & 2020) (x3) 
— are a testament to our phenomenal expertise and commitment to excellence. 

2. 100 Years of Combined Experience: With over 14 years of runtime as a company, the industry’s topmost seasoned minds in INFOLOB’s leadership, and a portfolio of hundreds of successful projects — INFOLOB has fine-tuned its methodologies, encompassing readiness assessments, migration strategies, cloud and database management, cybersecurity, data science, automation, and more. 

 3. Cloud@Customer Torchbearer: INFOLOB proudly holds the distinction of being the first Oracle Partner to deliver Cloud@Customer on Oracle Cloud Disaster Recovery Cloud Customer (DRCC), showcasing our pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication to innovation-led business growth. 

Closing Points

INFOLOB’s hard-won success in assisting the fincorp venture serves as an inspiring testament to our mastery of Oracle Cloud technologies. Not only did we address complex challenges, but we also delivered significant business value through tailored, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. If your organization is navigating similar challenges in its cloud journey, INFOLOB’s reliable track record makes it the ideal partner to help you transform obstacles into opportunities, ensuring a seamless and prosperous future for your business.

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