Oracle Cloud@Customer – Copy and Paste
On-Prem Workloads to Hybrid Cloud Model

Infolob’s Oracle Cloud at Customer service simplifies Hybrid Cloud adoption while causing no operational disruptions and facilitating revolutionary Oracle Autonomous Database. And then, there is Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer that brings all public cloud features behind your firewall in your data center to run all IT services as a single-tenancy cloud infrastructure with physical control over infrastructure and data.

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The awesomeness of cloud is amply proven in the past decade. However, public cloud spending is barely 10% of the $5.3 trillion worldwide IT spending in 2022, accordingly to Gartner. Infolob identifies the desire of CIOs and CTOs to extract maximum off their existing on-premises IT infrastructure, the reluctance to share tenancy in a public cloud infrastructure, and transform CAPEX into OPEX in a pay as you go option as the three primary factors that are promoting the adoption of hybrid cloud models.

Hybrid cloud enablement by Infolob helps its customers achieve digital transformation, operation modernization, and greater customer experience while:

  • Elongating the longevity of existing on-premises hardware and software investments
  • Lowering latency for mission critical databases, ERP, and mainframes
  • Gaining real-time command and control with dedicated infrastructure
  • Achieving complete ownership of load balancers and HW VPN

Oracle Hybrid Cloud Options

For existing Exadata user organizations – Oracle offers following four types of hybrid cloud options to fulfil all kinds of public and private cloud requirements. Moreover, the identicality of these four Oracle hybrid cloud alternatives with your existing on-premises environment increases agility and workforce adoption. These are:

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

As highlighted by Gartner’s Lydia Leong, Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud at Customer (DRCC) is a special tool to copy and paste Oracle Public Cloud advantages into an on-premises Data Center, which means the architecture, services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), operations, SLAs, security, and billing model remain exactly the same as before. With Oracle DRCC, customers can run latency-sensitive applications with data locality in a fully managed cloud regions, consolidate legacy applications on high-performance cloud infrastructure that comes with tools to modernize, and run an entire portfolio of IT workloads in a single-tenant, flexible cloud infrastructure. Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer brings over 50 cloud services that are:

  • Hosted within customers’ data center
  • Customizable based on workload needs
  • Completely dedicated and fully featured
  • Oracle managed maintenance and operations
  • Software-defined infrastructure
  • Billed only for the cloud service consumption


Oracle Hybrid Cloud Data Sheet

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