Are you struggling to find an effective cloud solution that won’t break the bank and handles your workloads efficiently? Consider a hybrid cloud implementation!


Migrating a business to the cloud is often cited as one of the numerous ways to cut down on costs and elevate functionality. But unless the whole data center is moved as a whole into the cloud all at once, the process can be complicated and expensive. Since a migration like that rarely happens, it’s often more effective to use a hybrid cloud solution. The issues that customers often run into with cloud migration relate to the network and latency times. A hybrid cloud solution gives you the positive aspects of moving to the cloud with decreased latency and costs. The typical hybrid cloud computing model consists of a mixture of on-prem, private cloud, and public third-party cloud. 

Particularly if your organization deals with highly fluctuations in workloads or the analysis of big data, then a hybrid cloud solution is a smart option. Hybrid cloud models are complex, but correct implementation of the model the first time around helps save time and cost for organizations in the long run by ensuring their systems will continue to run without massive unforeseen costs and network issues. 

View Infolob’s solutions for hybrid cloud deployment, which gives you the upsides of a cloud environment without increases in latency and cost!



Infolob can help your organization determine which applications to lift and shift to the cloud and advise on how to effectively implement a hybrid cloud solution in order to achieve low latency and costs when it comes to storing data. 

Bare metal Oracle Cloud infrastructure is a favorite among our customers. It’s industry-leading in performance and security and has flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing options. 


  •  Available in less than five minutes
  • Standard: 36 core, block only, 256 GB RAM
  • High I/O: 36 core, 12.8 TB NVMe SSD, 512 GB RAM
  • Dense I/O: 36 core, 28.8 TB NVMe SSD, 512 GB RAM
  • Gen 2, bare metal standard: 52 cores and 768 GB RAM, block storage
  • Gen 2, bare metal dense I/O: 52 cores, 768 GB RAM, 51TB NVMe SSD storage
  • Gen 2, bare metal GPU standard: 28 core, 2 NVIDIA P100 GPUs, 192 GB of memory
  • Any supported OS by the HW (BYOI)
  • No peak workload
  • Orchestration with Terraform 

Infolob uses infrastructure as code in order to avoid the buyer’s remorse that can occur when using on-prem solutions. Since it’s necessary to purchase servers, storage, load balancers, firewalls, and enterprise software when keeping your data center on-prem, businesses need to be sure about which products to invest in. Infrastructure as code allows:

  • Orchestration (bringing up servers, storage, firewalls, load balancers, databases, middleware, and apps automatically or with a few commands) 
  • A few more commands to bring new services up or down in the event of failed architecture
  • Real-time adjustment for new workloads 
  • Instant availability with universal cloud credits

Infolob offers the following managed services for cloud and hybrid cloud solutions:


Oracle Hybrid Cloud Data Sheet

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