Case Study:
Oracle Taleo implementation for
public sector client

Public sector client (confidential).

Business Challenge
The client was using Oracle iRecruitment for tracking applicants and the hiring/selection
process. iRecruitment was not user-friendly, and the client wanted to invest in a system
that provided more accountability and ownership, and that had an autosave feature, a
more automated process, and automated signature capture. iRecruitment also used
copious amounts of paper, and the client wanted to switch to a solution that would help
save costs on paper printing.

Infolob’s Contribution
Infolob implemented Taleo for the client in order to solve these challenges. We enabled
an e-signature process to eliminate the need for printing documents. The onboarding
process was configured for automation, with online I-9 forms for new hires, reducing
lengthy paper processes to more manageable ones. We installed reporting for source
tracking, along with automated requisition posting/unposting so requisitions wouldn’t
have to be manually taken down after a certain time period.

Business Impact
With the switch from iRecruitment to Taleo, the client now has access to critical
reporting that the management requires, and the automation and convenience of online
onboarding has significantly decreased paper-printing costs and increased efficiency of
talent acquisition. Taleo is easy to use for both the applicant and the hiring managers,
with increased communication features. The client’s HR team also has greater control
and can manage the password reset feature themselves instead of having to involve IT.
Going forward, the client has a more streamlined talent acquisition application that is
compliant with the law and more customizable, greatly improving the efficiency of the