Why Migrate Oracle EBS to Oracle Autonomous Database

Why Migrate Oracle EBS to Oracle Autonomous Database

Seamless cloud migration of prepackaged and customized apps is Infolob’s speciality. We are continually refining our exclusive secret sauce that are specific to every app we work with. Following offers updated insights on our practices pertaining to E-business Suite migration to Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated that our blog post revealed last year.

Oracle databases are quite ubiquitous. Most Fortune 500 companies have depended on Oracle databases for the best part of the past 40 years, and hundreds of thousands of other organizations across the World utilize these industry-leading databases daily with aspirations to transform their fortune.

The Invention of Autonomous Database

In March 2018, planning to pioneer the future and pole vault further ahead in the competition, Oracle introduced “autonomous database.” Oracle Autonomous Database is a database management and cloud service industry disruptor with enormous potential. It enables an environment of automated management experience so that businesspeople save on time and energy consumed by routine database management tasks and instead utilize resources for strategic development assignments.

Infolob observes that Oracle Autonomous Database is a marvel of machine learning and nearly an instant success, luring customers for its self-driving, self-repairing, and self-securing capabilities. The original offering, Autonomous Database Serverless, came with incredible flexibility and installed itself. Moreover, it took care of infrastructure and maintenance requirements with simple configurations and nominal oversight. However, enterprise level customers desired greater customization opportunities and enhanced security features that this original offering lacked.

Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated Follows

In June 2019, Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated was introduced. In the words of Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle, “Autonomous Database Dedicated enables customers to easily transform from manually managed independent databases on-premises to a fully-autonomous and isolated private database cloud within the Oracle Public Cloud. Our Autonomous Database Dedicated service eliminates the concerns enterprise customers previously had about security, isolation, and operational policies when moving to cloud.”

Following are a few key business benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated:

  • A customizable private database cloud running on dedicated Exadata Infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud
  • Provides a perfect database as a service platform that enables customers run databases of any size, scale, and criticality
  • Delivers the highest level of workload isolation to help protect each database from external threats as well as malicious internal users
  • Tailored security and performance isolation for each database type
  • Customizable operational policies to facilitate greater organizational control over database provisioning, software updates, and availability.

ATP   : Serverless Oracle Autonomous Database Service for OLTP (Transactional) workloads
ADW : Serverless Oracle Autonomous Database Service for Data Warehouse workloads.

Akin to Oracle databases, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) products are common tools utilized by several thousand organizations daily for multifarious tasks such as order management, logistics, procurement, asset lifecycle management, customer relationship management, financials, manufacturing, and human capital management.

Infolob believes combining Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated with the usefulness of EBS will yield substantial business value.

How EBS Customers Can Leverage Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated

Infolob was part of Oracle E-Business with ATP-Dedicated Program during early 2020.  Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager has enhanced for advanced provisioning of end to end stack, including OCI network subnets/routes/security lists and rules, compute instances, load balancers. Infolob developed accelerators to migrate and run database workloads on Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Dedicated service.

Based on trials from this program, we recommend the using the EBS Cloud tools a below:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager for advanced provisioning of end to end stack
  • ExaCS/ATP will be pre-provisioned with automation accelerators prior to using EBS Cloud Manager
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Release 2.6 and above
  • Database release (oracle may support only 19c going forward for new customers)

The future belongs to “autonomous database at customer.” However, an autonomous database is now being offered as Cloud and [email protected] options as it automates the entire stack including servers, storage, network, interconnect, and software. Some customers cannot move to public cloud due to regulatory compliance, corporate policies, and network latency issues.

In this scenario, Oracle EBS will generate the best return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) for organizations of all sizes with below technical stack on oracle cloud infrastructure

1. Database

Leverage Oracle Autonomous Dedicated ATP-Dedicated with below options

2. Monitoring

  • Modernize existing Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c, and
  • Oracle Management Cloud – Log Analytics including Machine Learning features

3. Application Tier

Leverage Oracle Private Cloud Platform Services with below options

  • On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Gen 2, or
  • Oracle [email protected] Region : Oracle IaaS & PaaS stack, or
  • Oracle Private [email protected] : PCC leverages the same PCA hardware with modern Kubernetes and KVM and supports both virtual machines Kubernetes engine natively for the application stack

Advantages of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen 2 for application tier

  • Leverage Internal Application Tiers with Service Gateways
  • Automated Application Scale up for Oracle EBS Application Servers
  • Oracle Web Application Firewall for external facing communication

Closing Thoughts

Oracle databases are the backbone of daily operations of several organizations, but Oracle Autonomous Databases are a technology tool for the future. One size doesn’t fit all.  Our research and testing shows that Autonomous Database Dedicated is a good fit organizations with current database scaling challenges and provides the ability to manage increased database resources with a fixed team size.

Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager tools are now in Oracle Partner Preview Release.  General Release is on the way.  If interested in seeing the benefits of Autonomous with EBS and Cloud tools, Infolob can help you in the meantime.

Autonomous Database Dedicated was released with increased isolation and security features. Its database management lifecycle capability changes the game so you can focus less on patching and tuning and let Autonomous do the monotonous aspects of database administration.

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