Inter-Region Latency Dashboard for Oracle Cloud

Businesses backed by technology can be seen as the skyscrapers undergoing constant developmental changes, replacing the old fragments every minute with the new, and increasingly relevant and reliable substructures.

The growing ease and functionality of the dashboards, for example, enabled enterprises in leveraging massive chunks of data for their high-priority, business-critical decision making, by overseeing operations, maximizing performance across all subdomains, and supplying actionable insights, and explanations for every action marked as ‘due’. As a result, today, dashboards are ubiquitous across every management workload, including human, infrastructure, operation, supply, and value.

In continuation of these developments, Oracle has recently announced the inter-region latency dashboard for performance metrics of inter-region traffic visibility, for customers on their globally distributed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. With the release of this dashboard application, one of the major challenges of regional selection for OCI deployment, i.e., data-less decisioning, stands resolved.

What exactly does the inter-region latency dashboard do?

Real time and historical latency tracking:

The inter-region latency dashboard offers detailed visibility of real time and historical round-trip latency for OCI regions, empowering users to plan their data center deployments in the regions that have the required level of latency for an application. This, in turn, can also make way for a seamless application performance troubleshooting, and cloud infrastructure optimization.

Streamlining regional selection, and multiple region pairs:

Network performance measurement via the inter-region latency dashboard eliminates the hassle of OCI users finding a balance of data residency, disaster recovery, compliance, etc. during regional selection. With the performance impact visible for every regional selection, it streamlines the process further and prevents users from choosing regions based only on distance, discounting the element of fiber path divergence (i.e., fibers not taking a straight path). Additionally, users can also seamlessly match their business requirements by switching between (or select) multiple region pairs with accuracy.

Monitoring, alarming, and troubleshooting:

Historical latency data can offer the due monitoring and troubleshooting advantage, whereas OCI Metrics alarming can apprise users of the defined threshold exceed immediately over SMS and email notifications.

How to access inter-region latency dashboard?

Among the most functional parts is the accessibility of the tool, which is by simply heading over to Networking, and then Inter-Region Latency in the Oracle cloud dashboard. This can be followed by selecting a pair of regions from the latency table, and then exploring. To top it off, Oracle has also enabled users to integrate the inter-region latency metrics into their on-premises monitoring platform.

Final thoughts

The inter-region network latency dashboard is undoubtedly a critical innovation in boosting accuracy of decision-making in —

  • regional selection for OCI data center deployment, application performance troubleshooting, cloud infrastructure optimization
  • leveraging multiple region pairs, suited to shifting business requirements, and
  • monitoring them all via dedicated as well as an integrated dashboard

Oracle has always been one step ahead in proactively listening to customers and innovating their way through challenges. With that in consideration, users can anticipate more of such innovative solutions coming in, shortly.