OCI GoldenGate for Ops-Analytics Integration, now available!

Built out of the widely popular Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate is a fully managed data fabric cloud service under the model of infrastructure-as-a-code. It extends customers with real-time data design, execution, orchestration, and monitoring of their data replication and associated events; and integrates the operational database with analytical insights on the multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud ecosystem. With the announcement of the OCI GoldenGate, Oracle has come out as the first-in-class enterprise cloud service provider that offers operational and analytical integration at scale, in a stand-alone data fabric.

OCI GoldenGate — Infrastructure-as-a-Code

The inception of the OCI GoldenGate is fueled by the excessively complicated procedures in migrating business-critical databases to the cloud, or perhaps to a multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud infrastructure. This is predominantly followed by prolonged and expensive sessions of data extraction, data replication, and loading of data into the cloud data stores. The OCI GoldenGate replaces this traditional migration approach with a fully orchestrated data integration, data capture modification, and real-time transaction replication.

Based on the Oracle GoldenGate 21c microservices architecture, the OCI GoldenGate utilizes a world-wide mesh of interconnected data resources. As a result, it empowers customers to effortlessly integrate the data fabric with their dev-ops CI/CD pipeline, making OCI GoldenGate a truly infrastructure-as-a-code service.

At a glance, following are the opportunities OCI GoldenGate can be utilized for:

Data Warehousing: Facilitates consistent, real-time capture and delivery of modified data between data warehouse systems and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

Oracle SaaS: Quickly integrates with the renowned Oracle SaaS to send real-time modified data capture to downstream systems for yielding deep analysis and actionable business insights

Reporting: With real-time on-flight operational reporting, OCI GoldenGate removes reporting workloads from production databases

Data Integration: For real-time integration of operational data among different OLTP systems

What’s more in the package?

On-flight time-series analysis: Not only the real-time data ingestion to cloud, however, what also makes OCI GoldenGate truly a gold is its on-flight time-series analytics, i.e., analytics during data transit.

The ‘Autonomous’ genealogy: Since the OCI GoldenGate is an ‘OCI’ per se, it comes in-built with autonomous capabilities, including auto-configuration, auto-workload scaling, and auto-patching while also retaining high availability.

A lucid User Interface: OCI GoldenGate’s user interface / experience clearly reflects its intentions of doing away with the complexities of cloud migration, on-premises to cloud integration, multi-cloud database replication, multi-region data synchronization, etc. It is designed to offer the same level of functionality and control to a non-DBA as to a DBA expert.

Stream Analytics integration for OCI: This affords users multi-cloud streaming data analysis bolstered by AI/ML, time-series, and geo-spatial data.

The cost factor!

The next best feature of the OCI GoldenGate is its pay-as-you-go model. Smartly enough, OCI GoldenGate also minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO) by allowing integration with on-premises Docker and Kubernetes deployments, discounting the shared framework dependencies and repositories. This in turn adds to the manageability and ease of operation.


The OCI GoldenGate is essential for any business that is inclined to adopt digital transformation, without investing a big chunk of capital and workforce for the change. OCI GoldenGate can also be seen as Oracle’s long-standing intent of accommodating non-technical, non-DBA entities to come and reap the latest technological advancements.