Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data on Oracle Cloud

Now available in the Oracle cloud marketplace — the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate for Oracle Big Data is this quarter’s most powerful integration. It is simply because of the gamut of mission-critical tasks they both separately undertake. With the collaboration of these up-and-coming flagships of the Oracle, a multitude of opportunities are set to emerge in the sphere of data management and big data analysis.

What is Oracle Big Data?

Oracle Big Data is widely known for facilitating the management, cataloging, and processing of raw data. It extends the Hadoop-based data lakes and object storage for persistence, Apache Spark for processing, and a spectrum of analytical capabilities via custom enterprise tools, or the Oracle Cloud SQL.

What is OCI GoldenGate?

Leveraging data replication for high availability, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate offers a real-time data mesh platform for fostering real-time data analysis. Users can design, implement, and monitor their data replication and stream processing without allocating or managing the compute environments.

The Outcome of OCI GoldenGate for Oracle Big Data

  1. Microservices and Decentralization

Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data comprises relatively compact, decentralized modular applications, i.e., microservices architecture for seamless data management, services, and administration. It extends a browser-based user experience for the administration of all segments, an advanced command-line interface similar to SQL*Plus, task automation over REST-based APIs via HTTPS protocol, and an open framework for tracking using enterprise or third-party dashboards.

  1. Auto-Download Third-Party Libraries

OCI GoldenGate automatically discovers and downloads the dependent third-party libraries from the internet. Specialized scripts are also supplied for every specialized third-party connector handler.

  1. File Writer Partitioning in OCI GoldenGate for Big Data

Per the template keywords, the File handler in OCI GoldenGate partitions data in the target data files as and when the source data is partitioned by tables.

  1. OCI GoldenGate’s Transactional Consistency in File Writer Handlers / Autonomous Data Warehouse

This feature of the OCI GoldenGate is enforced in the File Writer Handler for retaining transactional boundaries during the rollover to newer files. This results in splitting of the output according to the table, and rollover occurring on transaction boundary.

  1. Add-On for Oracle Wallet

As in Replicat, users can now put Oracle Wallet username and password in the ‘Extract’ process.

  1. Security in OCI Object Storage

As a part of the OCI, all the files concerned with GoldenGate and beyond, are encrypted by default. This security feature enables users to afford an additional layer of encryption with a user-specific key. 

  1. Orchestrated Data Type Conversion

The OCI GoldenGate for Big Data can now automatically change the character column into binary, while set to the ‘PASSTHRU’ mode. This feature facilitates the replication of data from a source data format with mixed character sets demanding replication to a target compatible with same condition, i.e., mixed character sets.

  1. Kafka Connect Handlers for Transactions (Beta)

This feature of the OCI GoldenGate for Oracle Big Data can help operate Kafka transactions via both Kafka and Kafka Connect Handlers. However, since it is only available in preview / beta, no support is offered by Oracle at the moment. Meanwhile, users can reach out to product management for OCI GoldenGate and Oracle Big Data for solutions.