Oracle-Jenkins for ARM, production-ready, and scalable DevOps platform

After the recent announcement of new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Ampere A1 Compute platform powered by the Ampere’s Altra® cloud-native processors – Jenkins support for the new architecture is ready to be equipped at the press of a button (using Terraform, etc.) and provides the most crucial impetus to the development of ARM applications – all while augmenting efficiency, agility, and minimizing risks.

Jenkins is widely popular for its developer-friendly, open-source, CI/CD automation server. With this fresh integration with OCI ARM-based compute platform, developers are now entitled to the most workable combination of resources, for seamlessly setting up their CI/CD systems for creating, deploying, and orchestrating applications and open-source projects. In fact, they get it for free under the Oracle Cloud Free Tier, for as long as they need.

In a recent communication, Jenkins’ Infrastructure Officer – Olivier Vernin, has also expressed his delight in introducing their automation in the latest Oracle Ampere A1, ARM-based, compute platform on OCI — and, about the magnitude of enablement the developers will receive, for building the next-generation applications for ARM processors.

The Jenkins Plugin

The Jenkins OCI Compute plugin, which is now available for both x86 and ARM architectures, can be readily utilized to create on-demand ARM agents. The plugin empowers developers to dynamically allocate the OCI ARM resources for continuous integration tasks, and auto-provision (and de-provision, owing to the revamped governance) OCI resources for the Jenkins ‘build’ duties, via an even leaner CI/CD pipeline that is created in response, and further accelerate service deployment and delivery.

Jenkins, Oracle Cloud Free Tier, and ARM Accelerator Program

Oracle is offering a great opportunity for ARM developers to leverage the highest-capacity, industry-leading ARM resources on the OCI, and on the planet, for absolutely free of charge. The unlimited package has two Oracle Databases coupled with APEX and Oracle SQL, four ARM instances, block, archive, and object storage, Oracle Load Balancer, Notifications, Monitoring, etc. Whereas, the 30-day Oracle Free Tier has $300 worth of free purchase, on top of eight instances, Analytics, Databases, Kubernetes Container Engine, five terabytes of storage, and more.

Under the ARM Accelerator Program, for large projects, developers can get even greater resource access for free. Conditions apply.

Jenkins, Oracle Cloud, and CD Foundation

There is another collaboration that has taken place, which is between Oracle and Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) — extensively known for its vendor-neutral open governance framework. With them, and Jenkins coming together, on the mission of preserving the open-source projects by nurturing the integration between top developers, ISVs, and users for advancing universal agility in business, and delivery of applications — swiftly, and most securely, is a historic moment in the continuous delivery best practices, and meeting customer expectations.

In short, with Oracle’s Ampere A1, Jenkins’ CI/CD workflow capabilities, and CD Foundation’s governance framework, the world is facing towards a high-performance, production-ready, and scalable, DevOps platform, for building an ‘ARM-based’ future.