Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer vs. AWS Outposts: Pricing Comparison

The Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is the exclusive on-premises public cloud solution for businesses striving for an integrated cloud experience for their across-the-board infrastructure, platform, and software service requirements – delivered straight into their data centers, under the same pay-as-you-go pricing model, performance, and service guarantee. To state the obvious, unlike the AWS, Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is a fully Oracle-managed deployment, for maintaining SLAs via abstraction as in the Oracle’s conventional, 2nd generation public cloud offerings.

The concern of the public cloud

Before we begin with the price and performance comparison, let us first discuss the rationale behind deploying a full-fledged public cloud infrastructure behind your enterprise firewall — if not a typical on-prem infrastructure — that springs from three major concerns:

  1. Data sovereignty (data privacy, governance, or the need for sensitive data not leaving the premises)
  2. Physical security (of the data and infrastructure; the preference of a single-tenancy environment), and
  3. Latency (for high volume, demanding, or legacy-tied applications)

all of which the public cloud ‘tends’ to compromise in return for greatly optimizing costs and performance.

The serenity of the public cloud

The public cloud, like the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), extends businesses with the ease and flexibility of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS service models, coupled with the unparalleled operations, the architecture, the SLAs, the security, the failover, and finally toping it off with scalability, up-to-the-minute hardware and software upgrades, performance, and availability that are nothing but the best in the industry.

Having those many factors behind the dilemma, businesses seek a common ground for the impactful elements from all the sources (on-prem and public cloud) to co-exist and collectively generate value. Owing to which, Oracle introduced the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer a year back for addressing the need. And, so has AWS, namely, the AWS Outposts – which is based on the same idea. However, only the single most important determinant, i.e., the cost, may decide which one is more capable in solving the issue.

The price and performance faceoff

Although the Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer has led the race in meeting customer expectations, encompassing both cost and performance, let us explore – why!

  1. The high-performance DNA of the Cloud@Customer

Enterprises assigning Oracle database workloads on the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer achieve massive performance increase against AWS Outposts. Specifically, up to 98-times lower latency, 12-times higher read IOPS, and 10-times rise in throughput. AWS Outposts, on the other hand, has hardly released any performance SLAs, raising doubts over its capacity to run mission-critical applications in the on-prem data centers.

  1. Lowest pricing for compute instances and storage

The Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is significantly affordable than the AWS Outposts. For example, the R5 instance from AWS is about a whopping 207% costlier than the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer’s E4 (similar in specs to the R5) compute instance, as of May 2021.

  1. Tailored compute opportunity featuring extended cost efficiency

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer allows for bespoke compute instances for customers to cut costs and build an exact resource that meets their current and projected workloads. On the other hand, the AWS Outposts’ EC2 compute sizes are fixed with no possibility of customizing their vCPU/memory. This rigid mechanism simply translates to untapped performance and unwarranted costs.

  1. Product differentiation via consistent pricing

Irrespective of the customers are running their workloads on OCI or on the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, they are billed for the exact same price. The cost for the all the cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) are identical on the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. Whereas, the AWS customers pay a different price for using the Outposts and the public cloud services. Anyone can easily detect the inconsistency in pricing by referring to AWS, and AWS Outposts pricing chart.

Moreover, since Oracle is separately known for its SaaS services widely applied across industries, it brings a more comprehensive set of capabilities embedded into the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer on-prem public cloud.

  1. Lifecycle support at zero additional costs

Users of the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer get 24-hours a day, 7-days a week support, directly from Oracle as a part of the subscription. Whereas, AWS Outposts users incur additional costs for seeking assistance.

  1. Further simplified pricing across regions

In the Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, users not only subscribe to a consistent pricing regime across the on-prem and public cloud services, but they also reap this consistency extended across Oracle Cloud Regions. Meaning, enterprises can now securely store their data anywhere in the world, per the existing pricing policy they have subscribed to, already.

Whereas, with AWS Outposts, customers pay additional costs further for deploying data, infrastructure, and workloads outside of the U.S. jurisdiction. Besides, AWS has also been charging erratic prices for the same set of configurations in Outposts deployed across AWS Regions, making it tricky for the enterprises running applications in multiple geographies.   

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