Unlimited Oracle APEX and JSON Database for free!

Oracle has undoubtedly been making significant efforts to create an accelerated, developer-friendly, production environment — primarily characterized by an uninterrupted flow of innovation. From starting a new line of ARM-based compute shapes on Oracle Cloud, collaborating with Jenkins, joining forces with ServiceNow, CDF, and even Microsoft for introducing uniformity of growth across regions – Oracle now fosters the development of architectures with enormous sustainable potential; to coming up with the inter-region latency visibility for developers to precisely design applications; and helping the outage management crew to break free of the control room — Oracle is 100% on developers and end-users’ side.

With the same endeavor, Oracle last month announced the addition of two of the very crucial services into their Always Free services, under the Oracle Cloud Free Tier initiative. The additions are the Free Oracle APEX Application Development, and the Free Oracle Autonomous JSON Database. To state the obvious, these two new services are aimed at enabling the rapid building of low-code Oracle APEX applications, and handling JSON document data. Either of the newly free services is usable for an unlimited period — and, are crucial additions to the Oracle’s 2019-initiated Always Free services.

On the Free APEX Service

With the APEX service’s availability as a free, and unlimited solution, the developers, and the users, both, can quickly build and deploy their low-code applications in Oracle Cloud, the most conveniently. The Oracle APEX can equip them with the resources to develop ultra-modern, data-driven applications, with evidently up to 38-times faster turnaround than the conventional coding. As a result, developers can leverage the data assets better, by creating converged applications that input and integrate JSON, relational, graph, and spatial data. They can readily extract the data from the Oracle Autonomous Database, which is a part of the package; or any REST endpoint, virtually.  

Furthermore, these developers can also extend applications, as necessary, by simply integrating Oracle, as well as other third-party APEX plugins, or perhaps, custom SQL, JavaScript, and PL logic extensions.

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The Free Oracle APEX Application Development is designed to provide an exhaustive, and fully-managed application development environment, that extends up to 1 OCPU (1 Xeon core with hyperthreading enabled), and 20 GB of storage. The service is highly relevant for various low-code applications such as custom applications, interactional data-rich reports, dashboard visibility, spreadsheet alternatives, etc. The Free APEX Service is capable of bolstering nearly three to six users simultaneously, on top of an unlimited quantity of applications, end-user, and developer accounts.

And, finally, users can always single-click upgrade to the Paid Apex Service with any number of OCPUs/storage, at any time they predict their applications may outgrow the exiting constraints.

On the Free JSON Database

The Free Oracle Autonomous JSON Database, which is a cloud document database service, purely extends the advantages of the Paid Oracle Autonomous JSON Database for building JSON-centric apps and manage JSON workloads. Consisting of JSON APIs, complete SQL accessibility, server-free scaling, ultra-performance ACID transactions, while being comprehensively secure of sophisticated breaches and errors.

Besides, the Free JSON Database is part of the ‘Converged’ and ‘Autonomous’ Oracle database, making it fully capable of auto-provisioning, auto-configuration, auto-scaling, auto-tuning, auto-patching, auto-repairing, and auto-encrypting, hence, removing all the management concerns on the database, while offering a pure, consistent availability.

In the package, developers get access to up to 1 OCPU, and 20 GB of storage. For compact and intermediate-sized JSON-centric applications, the Free Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is the most appropriate fit. And, obviously, users may again single-click upgrade their database to the paid version, and continue with the clean, autonomous database, compute, and storage resource experience.