VMware HCX Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Fosters Hybrid and Workload Mobility

The new VMware HCX Enterprise Edition is now available with the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), for users to effortlessly leverage the popular hybrid cloud extension – application mobility platform for establishing a software-defined data center (SDDC), connecting their on-prem data center with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. VMware HCX is time-tested tool for bulk application migration, re-platforming to the latest vSphere, kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) workload recovery, high-throughput rebalancing, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

The OCVS, on the other hand, has been the enabler of these services, on top of offering a customer-managed, native VMware-powered cloud environment, deployed within the user’s tenancy — ever-ready for secure migration, or extension of VMware-based workloads to the Oracle Cloud, arresting the need for rearchitecting the applications, or retooling the operations. To be more precise, the value propositions of the OCVS encompass:

  • VMware workloads on OCI, natively, for agility at scale – OCVS allows for the most seamless VMware workload migration while preserving continuity with the current policies/tools, avoiding modifications for later accessing Oracle Database and other services, ensuring disaster recovery by replicating to the globally distributed Oracle Regions, retaining the VMware administrative access, and running on the capable, purpose-built, Intel Skylake processors.
  • Root-access enabled, secure, and dedicated environment – The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution affords users full control over both hardware and software environments. Further, the architecture is designed to be security-first, via the embedded features of tenant (single, for isolated infrastructure) isolation, least privilege, and encryption at rest.
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  • With the classic VMware experience – Application management interface on OCVS is similar to what the users are already acquainted with, i.e., an integrated visibility. Whether it is the vSphere, NSX, vSAN, or vCenter Server, the OCVS-VMware experience on OCI is diligently built for requiring zero additional skillset from the users.
  • Integrated with Oracle Cloud Services – With OCVS, users get to access the raw power of the Oracle Cloud services, which is, across the best-of-breed compute (E3, custom-cores up to 64 OCPUs, with Intel, AMD, NVIDIA), storage (file, block, object, NVMe), containers (Kubernetes), microservices (Oracle Functions), cloud database management (Exadata, ADW, ATP, NoSQL, etc.), analytics (Oracle Analytics), networking (purpose-built for performance-sensitive apps, VCN), and so on.

The add-ons of the OCVS’ Enterprise VMware HCX

And now, with the new Enterprise Edition for VMware HCX on Oracle Cloud, supercharged with extended functionalities over the existing Advanced VMware HCX, such as —

  • Migration from Non-vSphere to vSphere – This capability of the VMware Enterprise enables users to migrate their virtual machines (VMs) from the Hyper-V or the KVM hypervisors, straight into a VMware hypervisor deployment.
  • Bulk migrations, simplified – The next extended feature affords users to integrate additional vMotion functionality, surpassing the sites for large-scale live migration of workloads — on demand, and with zero downtime.
  • Disaster recovery with stand-by site recovery manager (SRM) – This added feature is for the integration of VMware’s Site Recovery Manager tooling for fine-tuning and accelerating the disaster recovery replication abilities of the platform.

— users can unveil the true potential, and ease of running and migrating business-critical production and non-production VMware workloads across an SDDC-enabled environment, built out of their on-prem hardware, and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, via the VMware HCX Enterprise, offered in the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.


Users can get hold of the HCX Enterprise Edition as a simple, monthly addition to the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution deployment. They can also readily upgrade from their existing HCX Advanced edition to HCX Enterprise at any time. Similarly, users can downgrade their license for Enterprise once the workload migration is complete, returning to the previous, free-of-charge HCX – advanced edition.