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Changing IT Professionals for the Better

The technology industry is always rapidly changing. It’s not a good fit for someone who’s resistant to change, and yet we see a lot of IT professionals becoming stagnant anyways.

Our CEO, Vijay Cherukuri, recently wrote up a comprehensive document for Oracle architects and engineers detailing the top certifications to strive for in the ever-evolving industry. I’m including a brief overview of his thoughts, but you can read the entire document here if you’d prefer.

Vijay maintains that in order to compete with the rapidly growing industry, anyone who deals with Oracle products should begin to evolve as well.

The top priorities of any Oracle-focused specialist should be:

  • Learn about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Learn how to administer OCI and OCI Classic (OCIC)
  • Learn how to administer Ravello
  • Learn how to manage a database cloud service on OCI
  • Become a cloud administrator for Ravello, OCI, and OCIC
  • Become a cloud architect for OCI and OCIC
  • Become a DevOps engineer
  • Know how to lift and shift applications to the cloud
  • Know how to extend SaaS features using PaaS
  • Know how to use new technologies in the cloud

It’s a bit of a long list, but when broken down, it’s not too daunting of a task to undertake. Oracle offers training programs, live virtual classes, countless amounts of documentation, demo labs, and self-phased hands-on training labs:

  1. OracleCloud Infrastructure Fundamentals Ed 1
  2. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation
  3. OCI Labs
  4. Jump Start Demos
  5. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Subscription
  6. Service Introduction eLearning Series

There’s really no excuse, so get started with learning!

After some studying, you should be able to take the certification exams Oracle offers.

Your next steps should look like this:

Step 1: Become an OCI architect associate

Step 2: Become a classic OCI associate architect

Step 3: Become a certified Oracle database cloud administrator

Step 4: Become a certified OCI platform management associate

Step 5: Become a certified OCI systems management associate

Step 6: Become a certified OCI security associate