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Harnessing the Power of EBS Cloud Manager Automation on OCI

Reducing the administrative burden on IT teams and enhancing efficiency are two primal objectives of businesses today. Oracle EBS Cloud Manager, a pivotal automation tool emerges in this quest for organizations that look to migrate or implement their existing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This article delves into the transformative potential of EBS Cloud Manager – explaining about its automation features, technical functionalities, and strategic benefits for enterprises of all types.

Streamlining Oracle EBS Activities with Automation

The EBS Cloud Manager stands atop for it is robust automation capabilities where it streamlines various EBS operations without any hassles. Its key functionalities include:

Cloning of Non-Production Environments

Automation of the cloning process for non-production environments ensures that the development and testing teams have accessibility across ensuring up-to-date environments and accurate copies of the production environment. The cloning process automation reduces the time and effort required for manual cloning, thereby eliminating most of the human errors and enhancing overall productivity.

Environment Refresh

EBS Cloud Manager facilitates the refresh of existing environments using backups from either production or non-production sources. This capability ensures that the environments remain consistent and updated with minimal manual intervention.

Service Management and Configuration

The extensibility options in Oracle EBS cloud manager enable users to automate a few tasks including bouncing EBS services, running autoconfig operations, and performing clone operations for filesystems which reduce the downtime and optimizing the reliability of EBS applications.

Comprehensive Backup Solutions

The crucial offering of any EBS environment is to provide reliable backups and EBS cloud manager excels in this area by managing entire data with exclusive backup solutions in case of unexpected interruptions or disasters. The key offerings include:

Scheduled and Ad-Hoc Backups

Supporting the scheduled and on-demand backups of the EBS applications and databases including the crucial prerequisites, EBS managed automation tool gives the flexibility so that the backups are always active with options to meet your specific business needs.

Pre-clone Operations

Before initiating backups, running pre-clone operations on both the application and database tiers is extremely important. EBS Cloud Manager automates these pre-clone steps, ensuring that backups are dependable and restoring processes are streamlined. Without these steps, backups could become ineffective, leading to potential data loss during recovery.

Efficient Resource Management

Pertaining to the complexities of provisioning and decommissioning resources in an EBS environment, EBS cloud manager automation simplifies this process thereby eliminating manual errors. Sticking to its excellence, it automates provisioning and decommissioning process in the following ways:

Automated Resource Provisioning

An extensible feature that ensures all necessary resources, such as load balancers and block volumes, are provisioned correctly, eliminating the risk of missing components.

Decommissioning Resources:

The tool automates the decommissioning process so that the resources are safely removed and repurposed without leaving residual configurations that might lead to unexpected issues.

Staying Current with Updates

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Oracle frequently updates the EBS Cloud Manager to incorporate new features and improvements. Keeping the system up to date ensures that organizations can leverage the latest enhancements, improving performance, security, and functionality.

Also, considering recent terraform license terms, it’s imperative to upgrade EBS cloud manager to which uses orchestration tool as opentofu. Make sure you have proper backup of EBS cloud manager prior performing upgrade. It’s also essential to ensure that you’re able to establish the connection to Object storage where the tar file of EBS cloud manager resides and run to upgrade to the latest version. Validate the Cloud manager version using – ./ebscmadmin ebscm-version-details

Enhancing System Administration

Integrating existing Oracle EBS applications with the EBS Cloud Manager involves minimal tweaks but offers substantial benefits. By automating routine administrative tasks, system administrators can redirect their focus towards strategic initiatives and pressing enhancements, driving greater value for the organization.

INFOLOB’s Transformative Automation in Action

However, there have been frequent updates to Oracle EBS cloud manager, hence keeping your system up to date to make best use of latest features and integrating the existing Oracle EBS applications with cloud manager with a few tweaks enables the enterprises to focus more on pressing enhancements.

That’s why Oracle EBS Cloud Manager is a game-changer for businesses utilizing Oracle EBS on OCI. Its automation capabilities, comprehensive backup solutions, and efficient resource management tools enable IT teams to focus more on innovation and growth rather than breaking their heads on manual tasks. Owning the expertise into cloud technologies with 14+ years in delivering successes and fostering business transformation with a 450+ global IT talent pool, INFOLOB has been into EBS cloud manager platform – enabling client businesses to foster with a wide range of automation solutions inside Oracle EBS – a connected applications suite tailored for accelerating business value.

The existing oracle EBS applications can also be integrated with EBS cloud manager with few tweaks which will enable the system admin to relieve from regular admin tasks and focus more on pressing enhancements.

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