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Oracle Exadata Cloud Service for Finance Industry: Customer Success Story

The finance sector has transformed billions of lives, purely enabled by a robust, real-time computing infrastructure at its core. But when the same infrastructure is suffocated by some ‘anti-scale’ forces like a classic on-premises data center, growth is curtailed.

Let us explore the whys of it with a real-life use case. Followed by deciphering the close relationship between a leading-edge financial technology and an expert Oracle implementation & management partner — bypassing challenges, shaping experiences, and materializing visions.

About the Customer

A typical example of this is when a Chennai-headquartered comprehensive financial services provider with nearly 5 decades of runtime, a workforce of close to 5,00,00 employees, deployed across 1000+ branches to serve about 2,50,00,00+ Indian consumers/businesses — found itself in an identical situation. Inspired by their ever-increasing demand in the market in the post-pandemic era, the finance industry heavyweight chose to double down on their serving capacity and support more dreams.

As anticipated, the institution had already concluded a rough ‘due diligence,’ and stood enlightened of the need to completely evacuate their rigid yet unsustainable data center, together with choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and INFOLOB for maximal + accelerated impact.

The Details on the DC Evacuation

In the financer’s day-to-day operational ecosystem, which constituted an excessively complicated loan management system, Oracle E-Business Suite, treasury applications, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and reporting excellence aced through IBM pSeries Servers — INFOLOB demonstrated the adoption of OCI to harmonize with their remotest requirements. Post an exhaustive series of rigorous proof-of-concept validations and in-depth financial evaluations, the customer unequivocally acknowledged the in-built value proposition of deploying these pivotal applications on Oracle Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS).

INFOLOB’s Role in Action

The team meticulously migrated the entire stack of critical applications from IBM AIX to Oracle Linux (OEL) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, bolstered by ExaCS. This business-critical transition encompassed some indispensable solutions, including Nucleus Finnone Loan Management System (LMS), CashTrea Treasury Management, Oracle EBS, Oracle SOA Suite, Hyperion, and reporting systems. Strikingly enough, the migration comprised dual rounds of over-arching test migrations, embedding perfection and integrity — escalating into a smooth Go-Live phase. Atop this, a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructure was architected, augmenting enterprise resilience and bagging disruption-proof operations.

Why INFOLOB: 10 Engagement Highlights and Outcomes


For a quick recap, INFOLOB’s dedication to modernizing and optimizing financial technology through dominating Oracle expertise fiercely surged the financer’s everyday processing power and productivity in operations. This resulted in us devising the most effortless access to leading-edge financial infrastructure and practices for the financial services provider. Also followed by positioning the client at the vanguard of forging life-changing financial service experiences.

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